Joey Lankford

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Joey Lankford (Cape Town, South Africa)

Missionary, evangelist, entrepreneur, farmer


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  • Global evangelism, missions
  • Servant leadership
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Economic development in the world’s poorest communities
  • Farming
  • Family


  • Husband, father of five
  • Successful businessman, entrepreneur
  • Man of strong conviction, faith
  • Great business/entrepreneurial story
  • Inspiring story that calls everyone that cares about Africa, the world’s poor, to action
  • Genuine, relatable, great storyteller. Not a career author or speaker — just a down-to-earth, genuine young man with a big heart and an inspiring story that he tells very well.  People feel right away as though they’ve known Joey for years.  And, if he can step out in faith and do something more with his life, so can they.


  • PROFILE:  Feeling that God was calling him to more, Joey left a very successful business career and comfortable life in Nashville, packed up his family of seven and moved to the other side of the world to serve others
  • Do we acknowledge or ignore the promptings of the Holy Spirit?  How do we know if we’re being called to something ‘more’?  And what it is?
  • How many opportunities will we be given to make life-changing, world changing choices?  Have you missed your opportunity to change your life, the lives of others?
  • Joey does not believe everyone is called to move their family to Africa, but that we ARE all called to more.  What (Who?) is your ‘more’?
  • Bearing Fruits / The Fruits of His Labor:  Growing food, communities  — and a family — in Africa
  • Entrepreneurship, economic development, leadership


Small-town Tennessee (Dickson, TN) boy Joey Lankford left a prosperous career and life in Nashville, moved his family of six to South Africa and is growing his business and entrepreneurial skills in the fruit and vegetable markets of Cape Town.  There, he is helping create jobs, leadership opportunities, and economic sustainability for a new breed of local workers, teaching them to build their own self-sustaining businesses.  He’s learning to live without Tennessee football and the cold start of deer season, but … being fully sold out to God will do that for you.

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