Johannes Riffelmacher and Thomas Kowsikowski

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April 26, 2016
Andrews McMeel Publishing
Hardcover, $29.99
ISBN: 978-1-4494-7121-7
320 pages




Johannes Riffelmacher and Thomas Kowsikowski (Hamburg, Germany)

Co-authors of Salt & Silver: Travel, Surf, Cook


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Original German edition featured in Blue, Lonely Planet Traveller, Surfers and more

Salt & Silver traces the journey of Johannes “Jo” Riffelmacher and Thomas “Cozy” Kosikowski as they travel through Central and South America—reporting on all the best surfing locations, chronicling the stories of local surfers and restaurant owners, and compiling recipes representative of each area.

This eclectic and off-beat travelogue immerses readers in the local culture of eight Latin American countries, taking them beyond the usual tourist destinations. From Cuba’s surfing community to Mexico’s urban graffiti scene to the fishing villages of Nicaragua, the dynamic duo explores the beaches and waves, as well as the kitchens, of each location.

Interspersed throughout the pages of the trip are more than 90 regional recipes, over 250 stunning photographs and a wide array of tips and stories ranging from social commentary on the Cuban surf scene to pointers on how to rent a “Hamaquera” in La Ticla, Mexico for $3 a night.

Written for travelers who would rather collect experiences (and tattoos) than souvenirs, Salt & Silver is the ultimate guide to a bohemian adventure.


  • A Travelogue of Latin America, From Top to Tip (Mexico, Cuba, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, Galapagos, Peru and Chile)
  • A Guide to Central and South America’s Best Surf Spots: From beginner beach breaks to perfect barrels over razor-sharp reefs (GPS coordinates included)
  • The Ultimate Guide to a Bohemian Adventure: Studies show that spending money on experiences, not things, makes us happier
  • The Travel/Surf/Cook Bible for the Skate, Surf, Tattoo and Graffiti Community
  • Recipes for Latin American Street and Soul Food: Categorized into Low Budget, Veggie, Beach Food, Fast Food and Slow Food, most are simple dishes that can be made in a hostel kitchen, over a beach fire or in the jungle


Johannes (Jo) Riffelmacher first discovered his passion for cooking as a young child in his parents’ kitchen in Bavaria, where he learned the basics of various culinary cultures from two adept amateur chefs. Besides cooking, his second greatest passion is surfing. Since his early youth he has spent every week he can traveling to surf spots around the world. After graduating from Akademie U5, a school of graphic and communication design in Munich, he set off on a world tour equipped with surfboard, backpack and cooking knives. After seven inspirational months traveling through Canada, the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia and Hong Kong, he returned to Germany, where he began working in graphic design at the renowned Matt/Alster advertising agency, starting as an intern and eventually reaching the level of Senior Art Director. While at Jung von Matt, Riffelmacher received numerous national and international creativity awards and developed ad campaigns for brands such as Mercedes Benz, MTV and Ricola. After four and a half years, he left Jung von Matt to work on the travel, cooking and surfing project “Salt & Silver” together with photographer-cameraman Thomas Kosikowski. Born in Eichstätt, Bavaria, he plans to live on the road.

Thomas (Cozy) Kosikowski has been interested in photography since childhood, thanks in part to his father’s influence, and has been working as a freelance photographer ever since he finished school. His main influences have come from skateboarding, rap, and graffiti. He gradually became interested in moving images, which led him to study cinematography in Hamburg. As an intern at the Mamma Team promotional film production house in Barcelona, he acquired the discipline and conscientiousness necessary for succeeding in the business—and it was also one of the best times in his life.

Cozy’s love of cooking also originated in his youth and has been developing ever since. For many years, Cozy and Jo have been cooking together for friends, family, friends of friends, and anyone else who wants a taste. Their desire to work together on a project that included both cooking and travel, and that drew on the specific talents of both friends, finally led to the “Salt & Silver” project, which for Cozy is a dream come true.

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