Kyle Prue

KPrue_Headshot_low-resImageBOOK DETAILS:
February 24, 2015
Barringer Publishing
Paperback, $14.95
ISBN-13: 978-0-9903935-8-0
Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult
302 pages



Kyle Prue (Naples, FL)

Actor, stand-up comedian

Author of Feud: The Sparks


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  • Kyle Prue: A young adult fantasy author, actor and comedian to put on your radar
  • Living in the James Franco Era: The pressure teens feel to be multi-talented, live on no sleep, and be a selfie king
  • What Admissions Officers Look for in the 21st Century College Student: “How will you contribute to the life of our campus?”
  • Reluctant Readers: Kyle’s thoughts on helping teens find books that match their interests

During a night of insomnia, an idea sparked for 15-year-old Kyle Prue—and that night, he wrote the plot to an entire trilogy. Kyle, now 17, is an aspiring actor and comedian who trains and performs improv at Second City and LA Connection. He has been writing and taking acting classes since the age of six, and says he’s always “lived in a fantasy world—inventing stories and reenacting them.” He has now made his fantasy world a reality in The Sparks, book one of the Feud trilogy.

In Feud: The Sparks, readers are introduced to three ancient houses blessed with unique abilities and charged with the protection of a great city. Three houses feuding for power despite heavy casualties. And one great evil that could destroy them all.

Feud: The Sparks follows Neil, a member of the Vapros clan, as he struggles to live up to the expectations of his father and become a significant player in the feud of the clans. But when Neil discovers an evil far more powerful than the feuding families, he must overcome the fighting to try and save the people of the once great city of Altryon. Kyle plans to complete the trilogy with The Flames and The Ashes.

Inspired by the sibling dynamic of Kyle’s family, Feud: The Sparks tells a powerful story of a long and arduous fight for retribution and the one person who can foster peace. A struggle for acceptance, survival and hope, Feud: The Sparks is a “crackling read” from an up-and-coming author and comedian.

Currently a high school senior, Kyle is a varsity swimmer, founder of the improv club, and involved in mock trial. As a dedicated member of the film club, he spends his weekends writing and editing film. He lives with his family in Naples, Florida.


“A crackling read, Feud: The Sparks builds a vivid world that is at once otherworldly and relatable. Characters spring from the page in a deft twist on classic mythology that belies Kyle Prue’s young age. He’s a voice to be heard.”  —Scott Bowles, USA Today

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