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Octane Press
September 1, 2015
ISBN-13: 9781937747459
11.8125 x 10.5 inch hardcover
384 pages
$75.00 US

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Lee Klancher (Austin, TX)

Author of Red Combines 1915-2015



Stephanie Ridge | stephanie@prbythebook.com | 512-481-7681 | Twitter: @stephanieridge



  • Writer, photographer and publisher at Octane Press
  • Has overseen the development of some of the most-respected and best-selling books in the transportation niche
  • Author of 20+ books, including The Adventurous Motorcyclists’ Guide to Alaska, Art of the John Deere Tractor, Dream Garages International, Legendary Farmall Tractors, Motorcycle Dream Garages, The Farmall Dynasty, How to Build Your Dream Garage, Tractor in the Pasture
  • Has written hundreds of articles on powersports business, garages, motorcycles, and adventure travel for magazines such as Men’s Journal, Motorcyclist, Draft, Successful Farming


From the creators of the award-winning book Red Tractors 1958–2013 comes an exquisite in-depth look at the most significant piece of farm equipment built in the 20th century. Red Combines 1915–2015 chronicles the complete story of the machine’s impact on agriculture and society.

The book is also a tribute to the people who invented the machine that helped shaped the farm as we know it today. Recounting the combine’s remarkable evolution, the book captures behind-the-scenes drama and clandestine encounters with rival companies, personnel and machines. Starting with research conducted by a rogue Swedish engineer in the 1950s and continued by a group of dedicated engineers who did their work in a top-secret garage, the book details how extensive research and development allowed International Harvester (IH) to build a new machine that took the market by storm.

It includes detailed accounts by a host of authors and researchers, alongside more than 300 archival images, concept drawings, sketches, and new photography depicting the machines and men at work today. It is the result of dozens of interviews with engineers, salespeople, and customers — all under the direction of Lee Klancher, who serves as the project’s lead author and photo editor.

OCTANE PRESS produces high-quality narrative and illustrated books for discerning enthusiast audiences. Some of the company’s best-known titles include Red Tractors 1958–2013: The Authoritative Guide to IH and Case IH Tractors and Beast: The Top Secret Ilmor-Penske Engine that Shocked the Racing World at the Indy 500. Octane Press has won several book awards, including IBPA Benjamin Franklin awards and Independent Publisher Awards.

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