Lisa Boucher

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June 20, 2017
She Writes Press
Paperback, $16.95
256 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-631522-14-7
Self-help / Memoir / Addiction & Recovery



Lisa Boucher (Dayton, OH)

Author of Raising the Bottom


Elena Meredith | | 512-481-7096 | Twitter: @elenameredith



  • Addiction
  • Alcoholism and Alcohol abuse disorder
  • Binge drinking
  • Coping skills for stress and anxiety
  • The unique relationship between women and alcohol
  • Mindful living and mindful relationships


In Raising the Bottom, author Lisa Boucher challenges women to ask themselves a question: Is it possible that I drink too much? In this little book of big experience, Boucher and a dozen other mothers, daughters, health professionals, and young women share their stories of why they drank, how they stopped, and the joys and rewards of being present in their lives once they kicked alcohol to the curb.


  • When your social drinking isn’t so social after all: recognizing the early signs of alcohol use disorder or alcoholism
  • Women and their complicated love affair with wine: when “just one” isn’t working
  • How has the changing role of women in society affected female alcohol consumption? Everywhere we look – from book club to our favorite TV shows – wine is a pervasive metaphor for feminine anxieties
  • The New Alcoholics: Women are the primary buyers and drinkers of the nearly 800 million gallons of wine sold in the U.S. annually, and an estimated 5.3 million women in the United States are heavy drinkers (source NIH)
  • Mommy’s Time Out: The drinking mom as a cultural trope – why have alcohol and motherhood become so intertwined?
  • What kind of an example are we setting for our children? Research shows that 37% of 9th grade girls (usually about 14 years old) report drinking the past month, and drunk driving is one of the leading causes of teen death (source NIH)
  • Making Sober the New Cool: How to replace alcohol as your go-to method for “coping” with anxiety, parenthood, the pressures of being a mom, a wife, a professional


Lisa Boucher holds a BA in English and is the mother of twin sons, now grown. After short stints training polo horses, working as a flight attendant, hairdresser, and bartender, she revamped her life and settled in as a registered nurse. For the past twenty-seven years she has worked with hundreds of women to help them overcome alcoholism, live better lives, and become better parents. Raising the Bottom is her fifth book. Boucher lives in Ohio with her husband.

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