Liz Elam

Liz Elam



Liz Elam (Austin, TX)

Entrepreneur, international speaker and founder of Link Coworking


Paxton Kelly | | 512-501-4399 ext 710 | Twitter: @PaxtonKelly3


  • Founded Link Coworking in September 2010 after realizing no one was meeting the needs of independent workers that needed an inspiring space out of the home and coffee shops with professional meeting space
  • Rebranded the “Coworking Unconference” to The Global Coworking Unconferencec Conference (GCUC) and became the executive producer of GCUC in the summer of 2010
  • Extensive media experience; has appeared on, The Huffington Post, The New York Times,, Business Insider, Young Entrepreneur, Upstart Business Journal, The Austin American-Statesman and Austin Woman Magazine as their March 2013 cover woman
  • Former president and founder of a nationwide network of coworking spaces called The League of Extraordinary Coworking Spaces (LEXC), founder of national coworking association Coshare and producer of the Global Coworking Unconference Conference (GCUC)
  • International public speaker who has appeared at Creative Mornings Austin, the Global Coworking Unconference Conference in the United States and has spoken at European coworking conferences in Paris, Barcelona and Berlin
  • Prior to founding Link, Liz was a top-ranked sales executive at Dell, Inc.; consistently a top performer who managed a large global account for 9 years


  • Coworking as a revolution and burgeoning trends
  • Design and space consulting; having an eye for detail and laying out a space for maximum productivity—this means Liz changes up the arrangement of Link weekly
  • Creating a space to bring people together to foster both personal and professional goals
  • Collaboration, growth and networking; building and managing a valuable network
  • Entrepreneurship and raising the capital to launch a start-up
  • The future of work

About Liz Elam and Link Coworking

Link Coworking came about in a way that many businesses do—a need arose in the market and no one was meeting that need. Liz Elam spent 14 years working for Dell, Inc., and managed a highly successful and profitable multi-million dollar business from her home office. She often found herself jockeying for cord position at Starbucks, speaking in hushed tones and looking over her shoulder. If not at a coffee shop she was renting expensive meeting space or working in relative isolation in her home. She had a need for a professional, welcoming space that provided meeting rooms, connectivity and most importantly, human interaction. Coworking is the term that caught on to describe these new innovative spaces.

Liz runs both Link Coworking and Link Too, is the former president and founder of co-working network group The League of Extraordinary Coworking Spaces, founder of national coworking association Coshare and producer of the Global Coworking Unconference Conference.

Quotes on Coworking

  • “Coworking is like sitting in LinkedIn.”
  • “Home is a haven—not your workplace.”
  • “In the words of Steve King, we can’t build them fast enough for the demand coming our way.”

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