Mica Mosbacher




November 4, 2015
Bright Sky Press
Hardcover, $24.95
ISBN: 978-1-939055-91-0
176 pages

FOX Business



Mica Mosbacher (Houston, TX)

Philanthropist and author of Racing Forward



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Mica Mosbacher is a writer, motivational speaker, frequent contributor to Fox News Channel and proud member of Godstone Ranch Motorsports, a family professional motorsports team that races for heart health awareness. She is also Consulate General of Iceland in Houston and Central Texas. She currently serves on the boards of the Houston Ballet and University of Houston, and she was appointed by for Governor of Texas Rick Perry to the steering committee of the Aga Khan Foundation.

In 2013, Mica was appointed by Her Majesty the Queen to the Order of St. John, and in 2012 she was awarded the Silver Good Citizenship Medal, the highest honor from the Texas Society, Sons of the American Revolution. She was inducted into the Great Houston Women’s Chamber of Commerce Hall of Fame in 2008, and was named Philanthropist of the Year in 2007 by TAASA (Texas Association Against Sexual Assault). The dynastic order of King Francis I accorded her the title of dame for public service. Born in Gainesville, Florida, Mica resides in Houston and New York City.


A single mother with a young son, Mica Mosbacher was struggling. After two failed marriages and an unexpected pink slip, she found herself veering far off the course she had charted towards life as a successful journalist with a happy family. Everything seemed to have stalled. But Mica recalled an expression she’d first heard during her sophomore year at The University of Texas: “God can’t steer a parked car.” She quickly got out of park—working a part-time job during the day, and writing stories by night. Mica’s forced detour brought wonderful gifts, as she found joy and fulfillment in rebuilding her journalism career.

Then, in her early forties, she met Robert Mosbacher Sr.—oilman, 28th U.S. Secretary of Commerce—and lightning struck. Bob was her soul mate, and when they married, their life together seemed magical. They shared common goals, with a focus on service and making the world a better place. But the joy she found with this charismatic man was short-lived, and she lost the love of her life to pancreatic cancer in 2010.

Mica’s heart was broken. Her brother, John McCutchen, a racecar driver, encouraged her to find ways to keep going. He inspired her to test her limits by learning to race a Ferrari. Rediscovering her inner strength on the racetrack, she decided that, instead of remaining stuck in her pain, she would grieve forward. Her experiences of love and loss would remain with her, but she determined to use them to help others, rather than as an excuse for self-pity.

Life brings loss on a regular basis. Whether it’s a garden-variety disappointment or a life-changing event—debilitating illness, divorce, death—surviving loss requires resiliency, optimism and faith. Mica’s candid and inspiring story illustrates that when we can confront the unwanted change that any loss brings, we can transcend it and find happiness again. It is possible to keep moving after paralyzing grief and even to reclaim joy, but only if we keep moving forward.


  • God Can’t Steer a Parked Car: Mica’s self-made career as a journalist, achieved while juggling life as a single mother
  • Houston’s Cinderella: Mica’s story of meeting her soul mate, oilman and U.S. Secretary of Commerce Bob Mosbacher
  • Life After Loss: Finding the grit and resilience to transition from survivor to thriver
  • Racing Forward: How Mica rediscovered her inner strength on the racetrack
  • Mica is a sponsor of Godstone Ranch Motorsports, racing for heart health. Godstone team member Ally Babineaux (The Bionic Bride) just received her second heart transplant at the Texas Heart Institute
  • Mica serves on the Host Committee for Formula 1 and Grand Prix in Austin, Texas

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