Misha Blaise



Misha Blaise (Austin, TX)

Author, This Phenomenal Life: The Amazing Ways We Are Connected with Our Universe



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How is it possible to be connected to both a giant blue whale and to the shooting stars above us? Find out in This Phenomenal Life.  

This Phenomenal Life: The Amazing Ways We Are Connected with Our Universe dives into the relationships we all share. This book paints a colorful picture by exploring and defining how each of our atoms are connected to the universe we live in. Alongside beautiful artwork, This Phenomenal Life explores how we are intertwined with the stars and galaxies we sleep under and to the animals we share this earth with.

This book is filled with scientific facts most of us didn’t learn in our biology class. This Phenomenal Life takes these insane science-based facts and connects them to the smallest pieces of nature we encounter every single day. Science enthusiasts alongside art enthusiasts rejoice, because this book combines both.


  • What inspired Misha to write about how we’re connected to animals, other people and all that is around us?
  • How did Misha combine art to help bring science facts to life?
  • What type of research went into finding all of the scientifically based facts?
  • Art and science classes seem to be the polar opposite in grade school. Who is the target for this book?
  • Why is being connected to nature important?
  • What was the most surprising fact Misha found while doing her research?
  • How did Misha’s Baha‘i faith play a role in this book?


Misha Blaise was born in Canada and raised in the Colorado Rockies and has always found interest in the scope of the universe and believes art is an opportunity to open a lot of doors. She earned her degree in Middle Eastern Studies and worked in Chicago before paving her career as an artist.

Today, she owns a green building company with her husband, is a member of the Baha‘i Faith, and a website designer for the Austin branch of NAACP. You can find Misha pondering life over a cup of Persian tea in her Austin home with husband and two sons.  

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