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Richard Kelley, M.D. (Austin, TX)

Owner of Physician’s Way and Author of The Fitness Response


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  • Reshaping your body by changing everything you ever learned about eating
  • The secret of predictable weight loss: Building a clear path to success with recognizable sign posts
  • Unlock the professional inside: Making weight loss your job rather than your goal
  • The power of protein: The missing piece

After over 20 years in the medical field, Dr. Richard Kelley grew tired of the industry’s focus on ‘reactionary care’ while the obesity epidemic in America worsened. Previously overweight himself, Dr. Kelley dedicated his career to prevention and the promotion of optimal health and fitness.

Author of Amazon’s bestseller The 3-Hour Appetite, Dr. Kelley expands on his philosophies in his most recent book, The Fitness Response. He has a busy practice in Austin, Texas, helping his patients achieve weight loss in a new, consistent way.

Dr. Kelley’s core method involves mimicking the fitness-focused lifestyle of those who are successful in maintaining a healthy weight. For most, weight loss is challenging, but success is more attainable by modeling the habits and activities of those who excel at weight loss, especially professional athletes.

The Fitness Response offers the perfect melding of effective medical knowledge with practical daily practices of successful individuals. Dr. Kelley encourages readers to stop thinking like chronic dieters and start thinking like fitness professionals.

“Physical change is possible and predictable, especially if you become consistent doing the things that the most successful among us do consistently,” says Dr. Kelley. No one knows the truth of his words better than Dr. Kelley himself. After a decade-long battle, Dr. Kelley lost 30 pounds and keeps it off, by living the fitness-based lifestyle he espouses, even working weekends as an ER physician.

Dr. Kelley is co-founder of Physician’s Way. A seasoned veteran of over 10 years in emergency medicine, he is trained in Family Practice and Certified by The American Board of Bariatric Medicine. His expert advice has appeared in many outlets including:, Oxygen Magazine, Redbook Magazine, Aging Care, and Medical Office Today.

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