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Robert Taylor (Seattle, WA)

President of the Desmond Tutu Peace Foundation and author of A New Way to be Human: 7 Spiritual Pathways to Becoming Fully Alive


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  • What does it mean to “be a new human” and “become fully alive?”
  • What prevents us from being fully alive in the first place?
  • How did you and Archbishop Desmond Tutu meet, and what kind of role has he played in your life?

Robert V. Taylor is a nationally known speaker, writer, and activist for social justice.

A native of Cape Town, South Africa, Robert was sent to the United States by his mentor, Nobel Laureate and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, in 1980 to avoid imprisonment for his anti-apartheid activity. There, he served in the Diocese of New York from 1983 to 1999, helping to build a community social service center with HIV/AIDS programs to veterans and people of color, in-home services for the  elderly, day care for children of single parent families, and a community music education initiative.

In 1998, New York Governor George Pataki referred to Robert’s multi-ethnic, multi-cultural congregation in Peekskill as the “moral conscience and soul of the city.”

Nineteen years after his arrival in the US, Robert was elected to become dean of St. Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral in Seattle, making him the first openly gay Episcopal dean in the United States.

In the much-anticipated A New Way to Be Human: 7 Spiritual Pathways to Becoming Fully Alive, Robert shares his personal story and spiritual principles. Illustrated by anecdotes from his life and those of his fellow seekers, this book is a guide to greater balance, wholeness, and human connection. According to Robert, that place isn’t very far away at all.


“I’ve admired Robert’s compassionate ministry of God’s love and hope, and the integrity of his life and leadership over many decades. … this is a humdinger of a book!  In a time when people are searching for values and meaning, this book will repeatedly inspire and draw you deeper into love and compassion for Creation, the human family and yourself.” –Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Laureate


This book comes with a foreword by Archbishop  Desmond Tutu.


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