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Sam Smith (Dallas, TX)

CEO of Medical Ministry International

Author of When Love Heals


Jason Jones | | 512-720-2996 | Twitter: @Book_Publicist



  • Internationally recognized speaker, established executive in brand, marketing, and international leadership
  • CEO of Medical Ministry International (MMI), which operates in 23 countries, with 25 permanent medical centers
  • Former CEO of Mercy Ships, where he achieved record results for serving the poor, fundraising, and securing volunteer support
  • Speaker on “Optimizing Ministry”—optimizing our gifts to make the biggest impact possible on those we seek to serve


  • International Relations
  • Multi-cultural, Multi-religious Partnerships
  • International Medical Logistics, Operations, and Delivery
  • Service to the Poor
  • Business, marketing, and branding


  • Affordable Care Act; the state/future of healthcare: Millions across the country are beginning to experience the effects of the seismic and transformational shift in American healthcare.  What does it mean for patients? Doctors? What is the role of the church in caring for those without?
  • Welfare: MMI doesn’t encourage a ‘welfare mentality’, which is why they charge the poor—whether it’s a nickel or a chicken. This unique philosophy has proven to make a tremendous difference in the immediate aftermath and throughout the remainder of the lives of the patients they see. How?
  • Medicine:  What advances in the field of medicine are making an impact around the world?  What does the medical field look like elsewhere in the world and what is being done to advance it?  What can be done to help?  Where is the most profound need and what can people do to help?
  • Non-profit/philanthropic success:  The formulas, philosophies and practices that have led to the explosive growth of MMI – one of the nation’s most widely-respected and successful non-profit organizations.
  • Volunteerism, missions work: MMI’s medical staff and non-medical administrative staff give of their personal time, pay their own travel expenses and leave their comfort zones, sometimes putting their own lives on the line to save the lives of others.   Over 2,000 of them, with dozens of specialties covering nearly every need–including physicians, optometrists, and gynecologists, such as Nicole Williams, CEO of Chicago Gynecological Institute–volunteer each year to perform life-changing medical services and ministry.
  • Building Capacity not just providing relief:  Providing life-changing services while developing the infrastructure for long-term services to the less fortunate.  Not providing good work and leaving, but helping communities help themselves.

  • International Relations:  Working with multi-cultural and multi-religion organizations and achieving a joint success in service to the less fortunate.  How to gain the trust and partnership of those with different Ideologies and agendas.  Working with developing nations and fledgling governments to establish facilities that are efficient and that address the needs of the region.  Working with Heads of State to achieve success while staying out of political agendas.


  • Began by two missionaries in the Dominican Republic in 1968 and has since grown into a global ministry, utilizing volunteers to provide healthcare services in over 23 countries.
  • MMI focuses on health centers, project teams, and residency training, with staff on the ground in every country they serve.  Over 90% are volunteers that raise a portion of their own support to serve for as little as one week or, for some, many years
  • In 2012, provided $82 million worth of services to more than 543,000 people throughout the world, in remote places where basic medical supplies like an antibiotic cream or a tetanus shot are virtually unheard of.
  • MMI’s volunteer medical staff has performed procedures ranging from a simple cataract surgery in Ethiopia to the removal of a 46-pound stomach tumor from a woman in the Philippines. These procedures are paid for with a bag of oranges, a watch, or a nickel—whatever the patient can pay, since most earn an average monthly income of less than $30. MMI projects focus on a variety of interventions, including (but not limited to):
    – Auditory Care
    – Vision Care
    – Primary & Preventative Care
    – Dental Care
    – Orthopedics & Physical Therapy
    – Surgical Care
    – Integrated Health (focus on the physical and spiritual needs of those we serve) as a service
  • MMI non-medical staff includes (but not limited to):
    – Water, Sanitation & Agriculture
    – Teacher
    – Engineers
    – Carpenters
    – Plumbers


An internationally recognized speaker, Sam Smith is the CEO of Medical Ministry International. In When Love Heals, he shares a powerful message of how each of us has been called into service for others. Sam felt this call after years in the business world as an established executive in brand, marketing, and international leadership. He invested his talents in international ministry and achieved record results for serving the poor, fundraising, and securing volunteer support as the CEO at Mercy Ships.

Since 2007, Sam has focused on “Optimizing Ministry”—optimizing our God-given gifts to make the biggest impact possible on those we seek to serve—an idea that has become an essential element in the DNA of the Medical Ministry International Team serving in over 23 countries. Sam has been approached to speak on the subject of “Optimizing Ministry” by churches, international relief and development organizations, foreign governments, as well as the National Religious Broadcasters Association (NRB).

Sam currently serves as the Vice Chairman of the Richard and Lucille DeWitt School of Nursing Advisory Board, and a Director on the Nelson Rusche School of Business Advisory Board at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas. Sam and his wife, Jill, have a daughter and son, Sheridan and Jensen. They live in Allen, Texas.

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