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Brenda Finne and Joyce Fishman (San Francisco, CA)

Authors of Shoe Garden and Other Shoe Stories from The Shoe Banter Collection


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  • Share your Shoetitude: What your shoes say about you
  • Children and Technology: The rise of Ebook/app trends, kids & technology—how digital books appeal to children
  • It’s About the Journey—where will your shoes take you?

What started as a present for their younger sister, Ivy, blossomed into Shoe Garden and Other Shoe Stories, the first book in The Shoe Banter Collection. Written and illustrated by sisters Brenda Finne and Joyce Fishman, the collection of children’s stories look at shoes and the places that they can take us.

Shoes exude confidence, zaniness, athleticism, insecurities, creativity, happiness and even age. Released in both paperback and eBook, this collection of short stories celebrates the personality expressed by our shoes to spark the imagination of children everywhere.

More books in The Shoe Banter Collection will follow, with the next book reaching an adult audience. Stories in their first release include Shoe Garden where shoes grow by twos, When Shoes Can Fly, Shoe Dreams and Butterfly Shoes, all taking readers on soaring adventures.

Brenda Finne and Joyce Fishman have backgrounds in teaching, writing and the arts. Sisters, Brenda pens the stories and Joyce then illustrates them. Brenda is a former choreographer/ dancer who now adapts her keen sense of movement and words to various art mediums and Joyce is an art teacher and owns her own music studio. They reside in the San Francisco area.

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