Slow is Fast

 MalloyKeeneZimmerman Slow_is_Fast_coverBOOK DETAILS:
April 8, 2014
Paperback, 112 pages
Patagonia Books
ISBN-10: 1938340299
ISBN-13: 978-1938340291


Patagonia Books


Authors of Slow is Fast

Dan Malloy (Lompoc, CA)

World renowned surfer, filmmaker and Patagonia Ambassador

Kellen Keene (San Luis Obispo, CA)

Filmmaker and commercial fisherman

Kanoa Zimmerman (San Francisco, CA)



Elena Meredith | | 512-481-7096 | Twitter: @elenameredith



  • Slow Is Fast: A voyage of re-discovery through moving slowly
  • A Mini-Adventure in Your Own Backyard: A new perspective on home
  • Two-legged Travel: Seeing your destination on foot, by board and bike
  • Farming as Art: Using the earth as your canvas
  • The Slow Movement: Getting back to the land
  • Reaching Back to Craft: Finding a way to make a living doing what you love

The youngest of the famed surfing Malloy brothers, Dan Malloy, takes a 700-mile journey by bike down the California coast, along with still photographer Kanoa Zimmerman and filmmaker Kellen Keene, in an effort to see their home state in a new, slower-paced light. They chronicle their trek through the “real” California in the photo travelogue Slow Is Fast.

Saddling their bikes with nothing but a bag of film, one surfboard, a few cameras, flippers, wetsuits, and a two-man tent, they start their 58-day journey 100 miles north of San Francisco. Along the way, they stop to surf, stay with friends and family, camp when needed, visit craftspeople and musicians—“good folks getting by”—and work with farmers to earn their keep.

Their journey takes them from Northern California’s Mendocino to Southern California’s Ventura, with a climb inland on Highway 33 to finish in Cuyama. The result of the trip is a 112-page collection of photos and a 30-minute film on an enclosed DVD, in which they highlight conversations and encounters with family farmers from Bolinas to Ojai, a bladesmith in San Luis Obispo, a surfboard artist in San Francisco, a vaquero in Cuyama, and a hatchet-throwing, jack-of-all trades surfer from Big Sur.

During the trip they discover real community and learn about sustainability and living from the land. Of their journey, Malloy said, “In the last month I have learned more about the people and places along the California coast than I had in 34 years and a thousand car trips.”

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