Bli and Dan Dugi

Bli and Dan Dugi
Authors of The Principle Gang series

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With 35+ combined years of family medicine  experience, Bli and Dan Dugi sought out PR by the Book to assist in their mission to help children and parents outside of the examination room.

The Dugis co-founded The Dugi Group, LLC, which aims to promote health, wellness, and educational development. When they began discussing brand development for their children’s book series, The Principle Gang, they looked to us to create a social media campaign, uniquely designed for them.

Their two books, Don’t Judge a Lizard By His Scales and Wizard Lizard Rides the Subway, encourage conversation between parents and children on the timeless topics of family, friendship and fairness.

When the Dugis came to us in February 2014, they had 2 followers on Twitter and 149 Facebook fans, and a very low clickthrough rate to their website. Flash forward to present day; their Twitter has gained 845 followers and their Facebook page has over  1,800 fans, and their click-through rate has nearly tripled, driving more people to their website, Amazon page, and relevant parenting articles.

We focused our social media content around anti-bullying related efforts, self-promotional content and topics relevant to parents. We strategically followed those within the targeted audiences, as well as individuals and organizations with interests in childhood development.

Once we established a loyal community, we launched an awareness building campaign called The Principle Gang’s No Bullies Allowed, asking parents and children to take the Principle Gang Oath by sharing the Principle Gang profile photo on Facebook each week. The images were composed of positive messages about family, friendship and community. One lucky fan each week was chosen to receive copies of books 1 & 2, along with a Principle Gang t-shirt. Together, those 4 posts alone received over 10,000 views, generated 62 shares, received 284 clicks and over 200 likes.

We were also able to further the recognition of the series by partnering with bloggers for copy giveaways and book reviews, featured on blogs like and

The Dugis are set to publish four more books within the series. We are more than confident that they will continue encouraging positivity and conversation between parents and children.


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