Loving my (LGBT) Neighbor: Being Friends in Grace and Truth

Loving my (LGBT) Neighbor: Being Friends in Grace and Truth (author Glenn Stanton)

In August 2014, PR by the Book teamed up with Focus on the Family’s Glenn Stanton for the September launch of his new book, Loving my (LGBT) Neighbor: Being Friends in Grace and Truth.

In the book, Glenn acknowledges many Christians feel as though they’re being forced by government, Hollywood, educators and media to ‘comply’ with, ‘accept’ and even ‘celebrate’ homosexuality and same-sex marriage. Are they justified? Glenn not only says ‘no’ and explains how and why millions of Christians are approaching the issue improperly, but how they can bridge the divide – not only to civility, but to find meaningful, lasting friendships and relationships with those on the other side of this divisive issue without sacrificing or compromising their own beliefs. Here at PR by the Book, we work on a regular basis with some of the top names in Christian media and knew we could help get word out.

For the campaign, we decided to focus on radio and online media. BreakPoint and christianitytoday.com (617K UVM) featured Loving My (LGBT) Neighbor. Faithstreet.com also published a contributed piece from Glenn.

We booked over 30 radio interviews for Glenn in important markets such as Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Denver, Chicago, Austin, Indianapolis, Orlando, St. Louis, New York and more. Glenn appeared as a guest on top Christian radio shows such as Chris Fabry Live!, Sirius XM’s Busted Halo, Good News with Angie Austin, Let’s Talk with Mark Elfstrand, Point of View with Kerby Anderson, Sirius XM’s Catholic Channel, Family Shield Radio, The Josh Tolley Show, The Janet Mefferd Show and many more.

When The United States Supreme Court decision legalized gay marriage a year later, Glenn was the first person Christian media reached out to. As an established expert on LGBT issues and the Christian community, Glenn was primed and ready to speak on the topic during that historic time.

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