Matthew Robinson

Matthew Robinson
Author of Knickerbocker Glory: A Chef’s Guide to Innovation

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Matthew Robinson was launching a new book, Knickerbocker Glory, with no social media presence or online community.

When PR by the Book started handling Matthew Robinson’s social media accounts (under the name The Culinary Exchange) in July 2013, he had four fans on Facebook and did not have a Twitter account. There were minimal updates on either page, giving the community little content to interact with on a daily basis.

“At the beginning, there were two main goals for having a social media campaign. First, it was to use the power of social media to start conversations about the book being published and introduce me, The Culinary Exchange and the blog. The second goal was to build the community so an audience would be built for future opportunities ranging from new book launches, brand building and building the Culinary Exchange as a ‘foodie’ destination.” – Matthew Robinson

PR by the Book built and customized a robust Facebook and Twitter profile for The Culinary Exchange, posting several times per day on each profile curating food industry news and photos of the author’s culinary creations. In addition to sourcing third-party content, we also posted original content, driving fans and followers back to the author’s website, positioning Matthew Robinson as a thought leader within the food community.

We also targeted the food community on both Facebook and Twitter, capturing a highly relevant audience who was interested in both the blog and the new book. We would engage the community by asking questions such as “Biscuits or Scones?” and promote the author’s “Daily Dinner Idea” to help the audience decide what to make for dinner each day. Once we generated a large enough community, we would drive fans and followers to the author’s Amazon page, Goodreads page, and hosted a book giveaway on the platform.

PR by the Book helped The Culinary Exchange go from a virtually non-existent social media presence to having 1,052 fans on Facebook and 441 followers on Twitter in just 6 months. Approximately 26% of all website visits to the author’s blog was directed by social media and we were able to create a group of regular followers who actively comment and participate in social media conversations. This helped to generate awareness around the book launch by positioning Matthew Robinson as a thought leader within the food community

“The biggest way increased social media presence affected The Culinary Exchange and the blog was that it gave them presence.  Both were built essentially on the back of social media that played well with the PR work.  Without social media presence I am not sure The Culinary Exchange or the blog would have been “found” by the current set of people in the community.”


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