Michael Wigge

Author of How to Travel the World for Free: I Did It, and You Can Too!

A German journalist, filmmaker, and adventurer, Michael Wigge likes to dream big. Fortunately, so do we.

The self-published author of How to Travel the World for Free: I Did It, and You Can Too! hired us to introduce his incredible journey to American readers. To do so, we leveraged one of Michael’s recent media successes: A five-part series PBS did on Michael, using the footage he took of his globecircling trip. So we went for national media early, and pitched USA Today with the story idea: “10 Tips for Traveling the World When Your Budget is Zero.” The travel writer bit, and the resulting feature story led to press in The Daily Beast, a nationally syndicated article with the Associated Press, a feature in Outside Magazine, and a tip sheet on BING’s search engine homepage. Michael’s wild stories of penniless travel – including trading an apple all the way up to a home in Hawaii, paid pillow fights, and dumpster diving – were spreading like wildfire.

At the same time, we started a pitch conversation with the producers of The Tonight Show. The day the AP article hit, Michael started trending on Twitter, and the Tonight Show booked. The Today Show soon followed suit.

While the most exciting part of Michael’s media journey may have been sitting next to Katy Perry, we were excited to see this giant personality charm a nation of hopeful dreamers.








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