Nisa Burns

Nisa Burns
Author of Kitchenability: The College Student’s Guide to Easy, Healthy, and Delicious Food

When it comes to the food world, a little book with a big message is a big challenge. But, with first-time author Nisa Burns, we also knew we had a big opportunity. Here was a young culinary graduate with a fantastic niche: she wanted to teach kids her age how to cook in small college spaces. And what better way to do that? Take her to their dorm kitchens!

We organized a Kitchenability tour for Nisa to college campuses around the country, where she could work side-by-side with students to show them how easy and fun cooking can be. Each stop was leveraged for local media, like TV demos in Seattle, San Diego, Austin, Portland, and Virginia Beach, as well as colorful feature spreads in newspapers like The Virginian-Pilot and The Oregonian.

As we built her audience from the ground up, the media response grew – and today, she is a regular contributor to, teaching beginner cooks the basics.

Now, Parade readers buy copies of Kitchenability for their college-age children and grandchildren, who – with Nisa’s help – are learning to make friends with their kitchens.

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