Tiffany Papageorge

Tiffany Papageorge
Author of My Yellow Balloon

In August 2014, we partnered with theater actress Tiffany Papageorge as she launched My Yellow Balloon™, a gorgeous children’s book with a important message for readers of all ages. Illustrated by a former DreamWorks artist, My Yellow Balloon follows a young boy who loses his best friend: a bright yellow balloon. It gives kids courage to experience loss (from a move or a new school to a lost pet or family member) and a language for understanding change.

Before the October release date, we submitted My Yellow Balloon for review in trade publications. Foreword Reviews called the book “a masterpiece of story and art. The book became a 2014 INDIEFAFB Book of the Year Award Finalist. The illustrations were also featured on the cover of Foreword’s’ Spring 2015 issue.

As a first-time author, we employed a grassroots efforts to give Tiffany’s platform a boost. Starting in her local Bay Area neighborhood, we landed her a profile piece in the San Jose Mercury News, called on the power of mom bloggers who were HUGE supporters of the book, and went out from there.

More than 50 parenting blogs covered My Yellow Balloon, including Raising My Five Sons (212K visitors a month), Life of Dad and OC Mom Blog. It was also included in The Children’s Book Review’s (366K visitors a month) roundup of 11 Kids’ Books on Dealing with Loss, Grief, Illness and Trauma and reviewed on Youth Services Book Review.

My Yellow Balloon was featured in M Magazine, Bay Area Parent, Baltimore’s Child and Family Magazine Group magazines. Parenting radio stations were also interested in talking with Tiffany. Her interviews were heard across the Northeast and British Columbia and on Army Wife Radio.

Tiffany’s mission with My Yellow Balloon is to promote “healing through the power of story” among people of all ages in all kinds of circumstances. We found that every reader seemed to connect uniquely with the book, and the media coverage was reflective of that. Bloggers and members of the media shared personal stories of how the book hit home, reminding them of their own “yellow balloon” – a young father killed in a tragic car accident, a lost beloved pet, a cross-country move. As the book started to take on a life of it’s own, Tiffany was invited to speak at grief centers around the country. She continues to talk to media about the book, most recently when Publishers Weekly asked her for children’s book marketing tips. She is currently working on curriculum for My Yellow Balloon™.

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