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August 2013
Amazon CreateSpace Publishing
Paperback, $17.99, 978-1484872789
Nonfiction, sports, football
Pages: 220



Vanessa-Franchesca “VF” Castro (Reno, NV)

Sports journalist

Big 12 Writer at CampusSports.net and author of The Modern Girls’ Guide to the Gridiron



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  • Freelance sports journalist Vanessa-Franchesca “VF” Castro was born in Los Angeles, where she grew up around the rich heritage of the University of Southern California Trojans Football program.
  • From an early age, she understood athletics, participated in them, and developed a highly analytical perspective in all areas.
  • She attended college at the University of Nevada, Reno, and moved to Austin, Texas in July of 2009. It was in Texas that everything she thought she knew about football changed.
  • Castro credits much of her technical development to the 2009 Texas Tech Red Raiders Offensive Line, which made her see, and appreciate football’s intricate details in an entirely different way.
  • Co-hosts and produces content for local sports radio show in Reno


  • All things football-related
  • Breaking down the language barrier of sports—terminology for plays and commentary
  • Explanation of the history of American football
  • Projections on where the sport may be headed
  • The politics of the sport

In recent decades football has surpassed baseball as ‘America’s Game,’ and the ‘manliest’ sport has become more accessible to people in all walks of life. Now with women representing over 45 percent of the NFL’s viewing audience, sports journalist VF Castro has decided that it’s time to make it easier for women and girls to understand and relate to the sport they love.

With player contributions and hard-hitting, outside the box, witty, and vivid explanations, The Modern Girls’ Guide to the Gridiron is a comprehensive guide to all things football for women. Whether you’re a novice fan, or a seasoned veteran, this book is sure to amp your arsenal of football knowledge — the best accessory you could wear on Game Day.

“It’s written for women and encompasses everything from finance to fashion,” says Castro of the book, which while light on tone is not lax on the research that went into it or the facts presented. “I wanted to deliver the information with intensity, while keeping it as ‘to the point’ as possible,” Castro added, “So the majority of research was dissecting game film, interviews, conversations with athletes and field work.”


  • The Modern Girls’ Guide to the Gridiron: A comprehensive guide to the game for burgeoning sportswriters or aficionados of the sport of any sex
  • Decoding Sports Talk: Top 5 football terms every woman should know
  • The Changing Sports Fan Base: Debunking the myth that only men are interested in football (45% of NFL viewers are women)
  • How to survive football season if you’re not a fan, but your significant other is
  • The worlds “manliest” sports and its histories, traditions and scandals through the eyes of a female reporter
  • The perfect guide for mothers trying to learn more about the sport as they support their sons and fathers trying to relate their love of the sport to their daughters
  • Connecting with a sports-minded partner: Learning more about a sport that a significant other loves can improve communications and overall quality of the relationship.

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