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302 page
Price: $11.99
Size: 5.5 x 8
Format: eBook and Paperback
Genre: Creative Non-fiction/Memoir
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Victoria Shade (Goshen, NY)

Lawyer and author of The Tale of the Dancing Slaughter Horse: A Memoir (Released October 2016)


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  • How horse therapy can help children overcome abusive situations
  • This book started as a short story in a college class. 10 years later, Victoria can talk about how she turned it into a full length book.
  • Tips for preventing animal abuse in your community
  • Easy ways to be an animal rights activist
  • The unforgettable bonds between humans and their animals, and what they can learn from each other


In the midst of a tumultuous childhood with an abusive father, Victoria meets Moonshine, an ex-racehorse saved from the slaughterhouse and abuse. She despairs at having to ride such a difficult horse but slowly learns the stables provide a safe haven for them both. The pair compete in dressage, a sport that tests the unity of horse and rider as they engage in what can only be called dancing. They compete against horses bred solely for the sport, always struggling to overcome the bias against horses like “Moony.” As she grows and comes of age, Victoria teaches Moonshine to trust, and he teaches Victoria the importance of heart and perseverance. Together, they overcome their similar histories, forge an unforgettable bond, and compete in the Junior Nationals in this inspiring and compelling true story of how a girl and her horse changed each other’s lives forever.


Victoria Shade currently practices law, focusing on animal law and personal injury protection. She is a member of the New York State Bar Association Animal Law Committee, as well the Animal Law Committee’s Legislative subcommittee, and is involved in several groups supporting the humane treatment of animals, from the SPCA to the Animal Legal Defense Fund.

She lives with her husband, also a horse-lover, and their young daughter, Olivia Jane, who had her first ride on Moony when she was in mommy’s belly. The family lives on a horse farm where Moonshine is one of many beloved family pets.

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