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Insight Editions
November 10, 2015
5 spreads, with over 20 pops


Stephani Danelle Perry (Portland, OR)

Author, The Walking Dead: The Pop-Up Book


Elena Meredith | | 512-481-7096 | Twitter: @elenameredith



This spectacular pop-up book from paper engineers David Hawcock (Journal of Inventions: Leonardo Da Vinci) and Becca Zerkin forms the perfect guide to the world of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Filled with gory pops, the book takes the reader through some of the most iconic moments from the series.

The book will feature five spreads, each with its own central pop that depicts a key element from the show, such as the prison where the survivors found refuge before being attacked by the Governor or the Walker known as “Bicycle Girl” reaching out at the reader. Each spread will also include several smaller pops depicting other memorable elements from The Walking Dead, such as the Governor’s “man cave,” including his unique aquarium complete with severed heads; the Well Walker; and much more.


  • October 2015 marks five years since The Walking Dead premiered on AMC; the series has been the highest-rated show on television among adults 18-49 for three years running. The Season 5 premiere was the highest-rated episode in series history, with 17.3 million viewers in total tuning in that day.
  • Halloween Gift Guide: The Walking Dead: The Pop-Up Book adds horror to any haunted house
  • The Walking Dead: A Pop-Up Book will join the ranks of Insight Editions’ celebrated The Walking Dead books, including two The Walking Dead poster collections and a series of journals.
  • The Walking Dead: The Pop-Up Book follows Insight Editions’ best-selling Game of Thrones: A Pop-Up Guide to Westeros, winner of the Gold award for the 44th Creativity International Print and Packaging Design Awards.


Stephani Danelle Perry lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband and two children. She writes horror/sci-fi/fantasy multimedia novelizations and tie-ins for love and money, dabbling in the universes of Star Trek, Aliens, Alien vs. Predator, and Resident Evil, among others.

David Hawcock has designed and engineered many successful pop-up titles, including Journal of Inventions: Leonardo da Vinci and The Amazing Pull-Out Pop-Up Body in a Book. After graduating with a degree in graphic design, David worked for design groups in London before turning freelance and specializing in 3-D graphics. He worked with advertising agencies and publishers, including Saatchi & Saatchi and Dorling Kindersley, and later set up his own company creating ideas-based projects for publishers around the world. David lives in Bath, UK, is married, and has three children. When not playing with the latest pop-up idea, he enjoys scuba diving and driving ancient Land Rovers.

Becca Zerkin is a paper engineer who works alongside Matthew Reinhart to create amazing pop-up titles such as Star Wars: A Galactic Pop-Up Adventure, Game of Thrones: A Pop-Up Guide to Westeros, and Transformers: The Ultimate Pop-Up Universe. A former elementary school teacher, Becca is also reviewer of children’s books for The New York Times Book Review and serves on the Children’s Book Committee of Bank Street College. She, her husband, Ihsan, and their children, Julian and Zadie, all live happily in New York City.

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