In Step 2, we discussed ways to share content through your established online presence to build buzz about your upcoming book. A great way to expand your audience from your previous readers is to partner with similar brands who align with your book’s values. 

Create strategic partnerships during your publicity campaign

During her publicity campaign for Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear, Elizabeth Gilbert partnered with Etsy for the reveal of her book cover and twelve different authors and creators for the making of her podcast. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when brainstorming partnerships for your upcoming book:

1. Create partnerships that align specifically to the content of your new book

Elizabeth Gilbert has written a wide variety of books from fiction to spirituality to creativity. For Big Magic’s release, she didn’t partner with a popular spirituality blog (even though that would align with her overall brand). Instead, she decided to partner with Etsy, a company that promotes the creativity of everyone and gives those artists a medium to sell their work. This message aligns directly with the message of Big Magic.

Make sure when you partner with another brand, their values align not just with your overall brand but specifically with the message of your new book.

2. Don’t limit the possibilities: partnerships come in all shapes and sizes

Just because you’re a writer doesn’t mean you need to limit your partnerships to outlets focused on writing. In fact, the goal of a partnership is to reach an audience you would not otherwise have been exposed to. Any business that has a blog or social media presence can be a valuable strategic partner if their values align with those of your book.

3. It’s not a favor

When you decide to forge partnerships, make sure you have value to offer the brands you’re working with. Gilbert provided Etsy with the exclusive image of her new book cover and a video of how the cover was made. This content is incredibly valuable because it is shareable and will drive an audience to Etsy’s blog. 

When Gilbert partnered with creators to make a podcast, she provided a platform for those creators to speak in depth on a particular matter important to them, and she shared these podcasts with her large social media following.

Don’t walk into a partnership thinking that the brand should be lucky to work with you. They’re not. Make sure that you have a plan to bring real value to your new partner.