Robert Tribken

Sierra Madre, CA

Chairman for the Center for Faith and Enterprise and Author of The Sacred Meaning of Everyday Work

Peter de Silva

Boston, MA

Executive Leader, Chairman, CEO, Board Member, Community Leader, Former Harvard University Senior Fellow and Author of Taking Stock





John Yearwood

Austin, TX

Former New York Times Journalist and Author of Jar of Pennies

Yvonne Korshak

New York, NY

Author of Pericles and Aspasia, writer on Art History, Harvard graduate and Adelphi University professor

Julie Rogers

Austin, TX

Freelance ghostwriter and editor and author of Falling Stars

Paul T. Scheuring

Mill Valley, CA (San Francisco)

Screenwriter, Director, Creator of FOX’s Prison Break, author of The Resurrectionist


Brent J. Ludwig

Calgary, Alberta (Canada)

Reformed Lawyer and Author of Those Who Would Be King: The People’s Prince



Kristin Abello

Houston, TX

Activist, Philanthropist, and Author of Sunrise: Life After Traumatic Brain Injury: a Healing Journey in Surviving TBI, an Empowering True Story


Edna Dratch-Parker & Jeri Solomon

Boston, MA

Leaders in the wedding industry with a combined 30+ years of experience in wedding planning, and authors of The Real Deal Wedding Insiders® – Guide to Smart Wedding Planning.

Mary Bryant Shrader

Austin, TX

YouTube Sensation, Traditional Foods Preservation Spokesperson, Founder of Mary’s Nest, and Author of The Modern Pioneer Cookbook


Dave Pelzer

Bay Area, CA

Best-Selling Author, Inspirational Speaker, Internationally Recognized Humanitarian, and Volunteer Fire Captain, retired

Myrna Denham Porter

Indian Wells (Palm Springs), CA

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Registered Nurse and Author

Kathy Elkind

Fayston, VT (Burlington)

Long-Distance Walker, Writer, and Author of To Walk It Is To See It



Lynn Forney

Austin, TX

Actor, Dancer, Filmmaker, and Author of Choosing Survival: How I Endured a Brutal Attack and a Lifetime of Trauma Through the Power of Action, Choice and Self-Expression

Amy Weinland Daughters

Tomball, TX

Author of Dear Dana: That time I went crazy and wrote all 580 of my Facebook friends a handwritten letter

Jennifer Mrozek Sukalo

New Canaan, CT

Transformational Expert and Author of Claim Your SWAGGER, the first of a three-book series to help readers survive trauma and thrive through life. Her work has appeared in Livestrong, Prevention Magazine and more.

Summer McStravick

Encinitas, CA (San Diego)

CEO, Creator of Flowdreaming®, and author of Stuff Nobody Taught You


Andrew Braunberg

Austin, TX

Distiller, Spirits Historian and Author of Fires, Floods, Explosions and Bloodshed: The History of Texas Whiskey


Chad Boudreaux

Hampton Roads, VA

Chief Legal Officer of a Fortune 500 Company and Author of Scavenger Hunt