What We Do

At PR by the Book, we help authors elevate their relevancy and create buzz.  We do that through The Road to Influence, our suite of services that go well beyond traditional PR. Whether you’re sitting on a bestseller or your first literary endeavor, we have a solution that fits your needs.


After working with more than 1000 authors, we understand better than most, each author brings something distinctive and powerful to the table.  Some are passionate writers, they’re all about the art of writing, some are industry experts, some blog their way to bestseller.  There are as many types of authors in today’s world as there are types of audiences.

Making The Transition

It only takes one piece of content delivered to the right audience to cross the threshold from author to influencer.  But here’s the kicker – that content might not be your book.  Don’t believe us?  Just look at Brene Brown.

Her status as a thought leader now borders on celebrity thanks to a viral TED Talk.  Like most authors, her book was only the beginning.  And so it will be with you.


Traditional Book Publicity

Our result-driven campaigns are built from your book’s most potent talking points, then delivered to select media contacts.  We think like journalists, so we can maximize your individually crafted publicity strategy with:

  • Compelling hooks & angles
  • Targeted media (traditional, digital, podcasts & influencers)
  • Result-driven campaigns & an online media kit
  • Persistent follow-up with media contacts
  • Comprehensive PR strategy & execution plan
  • Digital media reporting tools
  • Scouring national media queries daily
  • Book tour promotional media
  • Collaboration on your area of expertise to spot trends
  • On-going evaluation to fine-tune strategy
  • Write epic bios – short and long form

Digital Relevancy

At the heart of effective content marketing is building quality relationships and growing your fan base. As an author, this can be a game changer. More book deals. A built-in audience. Additional channels to monetize. Our content marketing roadmap for authors includes:

  • Developing content related to your personal brand
  • Identifying substantial content opportunities
  • Pitching & executing a Virtual Book Tour
  • Training on guest posting for backlinks
  • Consulting on promoting your best content
  • Suggestions for the best outsourcing solutions 
  • Community building techniques
  • NetGalley posting and outreach
  • Contributed online content placement
  • Research emerging media outlets

Platform Development

Authors that become highly sought influencers can name their price. This has monumentally transformed what success looks like for an author. It all comes down to significantly elevating the value of your personal brand, which we accomplish through our author to influencer kickstart program:

  • Build a strong content calendar
  • Research and execute effective advertising options
  • Analytics & social media monitoring
  • Clarify your Value Proposition
  • Profile your core audience
  • Who’s your competition?
  • Collaborate with your website designer to provide branding guidance
  • Identify micro influencers
  • Rebranding as needed for current social platforms
  • Develop social media and content assets – hashtag bank, caption bank and graphic bank
  • Develop and execute social strategy that aligns with traditional PR and digital strategies

"They say to make it in this industry, you have to have a combination of at least two of three specific traits: you have to be good at what you do, you have to be fast at delivering results, and you have to be well-liked. Marika is one of the rare professionals I've worked with over the years that not only 'is' all three, but has earned a fourth trait that few can say they have, and that's 'they have to be respected.' Marika's that four-trait package."

— Myatt Murphy
Author and Journalist

“I’ve worked with PR by the Book for several years. They’ve done a great job not only on book publicity, but also on apps, special projects, and helping to build my brand. Highly recommend!”

— Jeffrey Bennett
Author of What is Relativity?, Math for Life, Max Science Adventures

"I am so pleased with the hard work you put into STAND's launch. You were/are an absolute dream to work with. It's every writer's dream for their publicist to believe/connect with their book, and you all made that dream come true."

— Kathryn Bertine
Author of STAND: A memoir on activism. A manual for progress. What really happens when we stand on the front lines of change.

"I have worked with PR by the Book for several years on numerous different book projects. I have always found them to be professional and well organized. They follow through and provide great input and insight. They have tutored me in how to establish a social network footprint and in developing presentations and numerous interviews and reviews. They are well connected in the industry and are patient even when a new author like myself needs some gentle prodding to go in the best direction. I would work with them again and plan to without hesitation. You get what you pay for and PR by the Book has been worth every penny."

— Clark Burbidge
Author of Giants in the Land and StarPassage series

"PR by the Book provided publicity for my second book, The Spirit of the Trail. The entire team made me feel as though I was the only author they were representing. They were responsive to my needs; proactive in their outreach; and completely professional as my brand ambassador. The highest endorsement I can provide is the fact that I will work with PR by the Book on my third book. They were a dream to work with."

— Carrie Morgridge
Author of The Spirit of the Trail

"I've loved every minute of working with you. I have appreciated your support and have recommended you glowingly to the many writers I know who are working on books."

— Karen Warner Schueler
Author of The Sudden Caregiver: A Roadmap for Resilient Caregiving

Measuring Success



Our success stretches across diverse genres from travel, lifestyle, & outdoors to self-help, parenting & Christian titles.



Every category of traditional media plus emerging media like podcasts, bookstagrammers and online media.



We’ve worked with the top publishers in the business, dynamic indie publishers and trend-setting self-publishers.

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