Podcasting is one of the most popular streaming platforms used right now. Whether about true crime or business endeavors, there is a podcast for everyone. But what is the point of podcasting? Can it truly help spread awareness on whatever topic you’re talking about?

The answer is yes, it can.

So what is the point of podcasting?

As the host, it’s all about networking and elevating guests. As a guest, it’s all about sales and demonstrating value. The power of podcasting is in the message, not the audience. You need to give listeners a reason to listen in the first few minutes.

People don’t buy for the tech specs and rarely remember company names outside of a jingle; they buy for the proven transformational value. So focus on what your audience wants and how you provide it.

Podcasting Practices to Consider

When asked for an introduction, lead with your message and the value of what you are pitching.

For example, you could say, “My favorite thing to do is…” Finish the sentence with how your work affects your customers, what it does for or gives to them. Then transition into an attention-grabber. This would be your biggest wow-factor, such as the number of people you have helped, an amount of money you have raised or given away, or a charitable connection you are proud of serving.

With an introduction like that, the audience is immediately aware of what you stand for and what your pitch is about. 

When going on a podcast, think about who your ideal client is. Some things to think about would be where and what are they currently shopping for. Who already has a platform addressing these people? Look at those platforms and analyze their audiences; who is listening? What else do those people shop for? Additioanlly, attaching a charity, nonprofit, or moral fiber is a huge draw, too. People naturally want to help others, and by connecting with a cause, your company catches more potential clients’ eyes.

When hosting a podcast, pay attention to what podcasts your potential guests/clients are currently on. Listen to competitive shows for ideas, and advertise on other platforms where you find your target audience. Research noncompetitive partners that clients appreciate by following the supply chain. If your podcast is about books, is there a local bookstore you can partner with? Consider awards platforms as a place to reach clients and potential partners as well. 

Finally, think about these three P’s: purchaser, promoter, partner—Everyone you approach can be useful to your product in at least one of these ways. 

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