Just like with gardening, growing an online social media presence takes time and effort before it blossoms from a planted seed to a beautiful flower. This can often lead to frustration and questioning of whether your efforts are actually working. In the pay-to-play social media world we are living in, it can be easy to wonder if organic reach and engagement is even possible anymore. The answer to this question is “yes.” In fact, organic reach is the foundation that the rest of your social media strategy builds upon. In other words, organic reach is the soil that nourishes your presence while it grows. 

So how do we build this elusive organic online presence? First off, you need to truly understand the ins and outs of the platform that you are working on. Before you can even begin to think about a posting strategy, you need to understand what works on Instagram verus what works on Facebook. For example, Instagram is a very visual platform, so in order to succeed in this space, you need to have engaging, attention-grabbing images. Also remember that these platforms have algorithms that are ever changing, so don’t get too frustrated if what worked one week needs some adjusting the next week. Social media is an ever-changing, dynamic space. Lastly, in social media, the idea of quality over quantity is key! Don’t spread yourself too thin. Now that you understand each platform and its capabilities, it is time to start implementing tactics to build organic reach. 

  1. Utilize stories! Due to the algorithms on each platform, posts aren’t always seen. Facebook and Instagram stories are seen much more often, meaning more eyes on your content. Therefore, it is super important to make sure you are present on Instagram and Facebook stories in order to bring more attention to your account. One way to do this is to share a recent Instagram post to your story with a “New Post” sticker. This not only gets your audience excited, but it also prompts them to go check out your page and engage with your posts. 
  2. Invite engagement through your content. A Picture or link alone may not always get people talking in the way you need them to in order to build your organic presence. Oftentimes, you have to prompt that engagement by asking questions in the caption, using polls to get your audience more involved, or running contests and giveaways. Essentially, you need to create a conversation. Getting people talking will generate buzz and excitement. It will also keep your audience coming back for more, thus bringing a more consistent set of eyes to your content. 
  3. Focus on relationship building. Social media is about connecting with people and creating relationships. To do so, don’t try to sell in every post. Create a content mix that includes call to actions to accomplish your goals, but also content that lets your audience learn more about you and your brand. You can’t expect people to buy what you are  selling until you have  provided FREE value first. 

Organic reach and engagement is totally possible when you have a specific and executable strategy backing it up and these three tips are a great way to start on that road to growth!