The Author to Influencer Accelerator is finally here!

A lot of heart and soul has gone into putting this program together, because we know that there are a lot of authors and others in this industry who really want to know how to promote a book without having to hire someone to do it for them.

This membership community was built for you. It was built to help accelerate your growth on the path to greater influence.

A bit about how it works:

All of the content lives at

All of the material follows the Author to Influencer pathway, which are five steps to promoting a great book in today’s world. These steps follow a holistic progression, from the beginning stages of writing and planning your book to telling the world about your book and growing your audience.

New lessons will be added each week and will take the form of expert Q&A’s, success stories, workshops, member spotlights, and office hours with Marika Flatt (our co-founder) each month. One of the best parts about the program is that it is community based. We are all constantly learning, and it’s important that we learn from everyone’s successes and struggles.

The content shared is going to help you along the way, no matter where you are in your journey. Many of the workshops also include handouts. If you use the handouts and really dig in and spend time on them, it will really help you accelerate the process, more so than if you only watch the videos.

You’ll see us popping into the Facebook community (exclusive to Author to Influencer subscribers) doing Facebook lives throughout the month. We want you to engage with the community. We want you to be there for inspiration and to share your stories to help lift up the process for other authors.

The one office hour per month will be time when you can get your burning questions answered . And honestly, if you take advantage of just that one piece, it will pay for the cost of the membership community per month (as our hourly rate is $150).

Author to Influencer Pathway

Most importantly, the Author to Influencer Accelerator follows a logical progression of lessons that we call the Success Path. The pathway, which is modeled after PR by the Book’s 17+ years of experience in the book industry, will help you through every step of the process. Here’s a sneak peak at the breakdown of the Success Path:

  1. Preparation: This is all about why you wrote the book, your market research, looking at the competition to see what everybody else is doing, and really just getting clear on who your audience is.
  2. Platform: This is going to cover things that really focus on your overall branding. Some examples of these would be an epic website, putting together social media platforms, and researching potential speaking opportunities.
  3. Product: These lessons are going to cover things related to putting together an amazing book. We will include lessons on everything from cover design and editing, to learning about book shepherds and distribution.
  4. Plan: This step is all about building up your tribe, setting up physical events, and getting ready for a virtual book tour, among a host of other topics.
  5. Promotion: These courses will cover reaching out to traditional media, which includes broadcast and print, and reaching out to online and digital media outlets. We will be going over everything that falls under the umbrella of telling the world about your book.

We look forward to seeing you there!