There is a new exclusive club in the social media world and it’s called Clubhouse, an audio-only social media platform. This is your inside scoop about the platform, which is known for its conversation and invite-only status, as well as how you, as authors, can take advantage of it. 

Here’s how Clubhouse works… After receiving an invitation from someone that is already on the platform, you are able to attend conversations through the app. These conversations are a perfect opportunity to network and expand your professional network and audience, as they provide opportunities for collaboration. These conversations can be scheduled in advance, giving you the ability to build excitement leading up to the main event. While on the app, you can enter different rooms as an audience member. Each room has a speaker who is leading the conversation on “the stage”, as well as a moderator who is monitoring the conversation. It is recommended that you set up a personal profile with a picture, bio section, and links to your other social media (to make it easier for others to get to know you).  Think of your bio on Clubhouse like a resume. This is how people will instantly know who you are and what you do. 

So how can authors take advantage of this? 

  1. Host live audio events and create dialogue about topics of interest with like-minded individuals: Once you make it onto the app, you can host your own events in chat rooms. Each room is essentially a live, interactive, unfiltered podcast where questions can be asked. Another cool thing that the platform offers is the ability to bring audience members onto the ‘stage,’ to invite a more intimate discussion with them, allowing the audience to play an active role in each discussion. Authors can use this as a way to discuss their books or larger topics present in their work that they have become experts on. For example, an author of a self-help book could host a chat all about living one’s best life. You can even break the conversation down into small rooms, which are more intimate, allowing you to connect with people and provide value. A few weeks ago, we scheduled a Clubhouse event for our client Paolina Milana. She was able to lead a fascinating discussion related to her memoir and personal experiences dealing with mental illness within her family. Even though there was a small audience, the discussion was powerful and raised awareness of her brand new book.
  2. Build a community: Having a strong and supportive network is a very valuable tool for authors as it becomes a place where they can share and receive feedback for their work. Attending other chat rooms gives you the ability to hear about topics relevant to your area of expertise as well as make solid connections with those individuals. You could also learn new skills from others. For example, look into whether there are any chats going on about self-publishing and attend the chat to learn more. 
  3. Expertise: Did you ever think that you could be in a conversation with Elon Musk or Oprah Winfrey? On Clubhouse, you can! You get the chance to hear from leaders in the industry, including in Publishing, by joining rooms. This is a great opportunity to pick their brain on all they have learned throughout their career. 
  4. Virtual ‘Events’: You can also use the app as an opportunity to get your voice heard without even having to leave your home. Since the pandemic cancelled so many publicity book events this year, Clubhouse offers a way to create that event type environment and be heard in front of a group of people, virtually. As an added bonus, the platform is audio only, so if you are camera shy, this is PERFECT for you. 

Now that you know how to take advantage of the Clubhouse space, start planning your strategy for this platform. First, after you’ve gone on and lurked around to get comfortable with the platform, set your objectives and goals for your time on the platform so that you know what you want to achieve. Then, make sure you really know your audience and what they care about. Once you lay this foundation, you can start experimenting with all that Clubhouse has to offer. Also, be sure to include how you can integrate content you have already created into your Clubhouse strategy. One way you could repurpose content is by taking blog topics that you have personally written and then turn them into a virtual speaking presentation. Afterwards, suggest others check out your blog. 

Overall, this app is a great way to expand your network and audience in a fun, informative, and unique space. At its launch in March 2020, Clubhouse had only 1,500 users. In February 2021, the app had 10 million weekly users, with this number projected to keep growing. This app has a lot of potential and when used correctly, can be a huge asset to stand out on social media and in the publishing world.