5 Tips to Leverage LinkedIn for Authors

5 Tips to Leverage LinkedIn for Authors SHARE Facebook-f Twitter Linkedin-in Pinterest-p Discover how authors can harness LinkedIn to amplify their voice and promote their books effectively. Learn essential tips now! Leveraging thought leadership on social media is key for every author when building their audience and promoting their book. LinkedIn is one of the […]

The Benefits of Using NetGalley for Authors

Learn how we leverage NetGalley to elevate your book’s reach and impact! Connect with a global audience, generate buzz with advance review copies, and access invaluable feedback.

Celebrity and Influencer Endorsements

Celebrity and Influencer Endorsements SHARE   Discover tips to score celebrity endorsements for your book with our expert guide. Learn to pitch effectively, leverage connections, and maximize impact.  Though the value of blurbs and endorsements on books has been debated in recent years, the power of a celebrity’s name on your book jacket is undeniable. […]