Mobilize Your Tribe: Engaging Followers for Book Marketing


Discover tips on how authors can harness the power of their followers for book marketing in this insightful guide. Learn from John Pavlovitz’s example as we explore strategies for engaging followers through ordering, social media sharing, influencer outreach, event attendance, and book club facilitation. 

In the digital age, authors have a powerful asset at their disposal: their dedicated followers. Whether through newsletters, social media, or other platforms, these followers represent a community ready to support and promote their favorite authors’ work. One shining example of effective follower mobilization is John Pavlovitz, who recently demonstrated how authors can engage their audience to spread the word about their new book.

Prior to his book launch, writer, pastor, and activist John Pavlovitz, author of Worth Fighting For, sent out a newsletter to his subscribers that outlined ways that they could support his upcoming book launch. We were so inspired by his email campaign that we requested permission to share here. Click here to read.

Above is just a snippet from the newsletter, here are the ways that John outlined that his followers could support him and his book launch:


1. Ordering the Book

One of the most straightforward ways followers can support an author is by purchasing their book. Pavlovitz, in his recent newsletter, provided direct links to online retailers where his book could be ordered. This simplicity encourages followers to take immediate action without any unnecessary hurdles.


2. Sharing on Social Media

Social media is a goldmine for spreading the word about a new book. Pavlovitz recognized this and equipped his followers with pre-made graphics and sample tweets to make sharing effortless. By providing visually appealing content and suggested captions, authors empower their followers to broadcast their excitement to their own networks, amplifying the book’s reach exponentially.



3. Engaging Influencers

Influencers wield considerable sway over their audiences, making them valuable allies in book marketing. Pavlovitz encouraged his followers to reach out to their favorite influencers and recommend his book. This grassroots approach not only expands the book’s exposure but also lends it credibility through authentic endorsements from trusted voices within the community.


4. Attending the Book Launch

A book launch event presents an excellent opportunity for authors to connect with their audience in person. Pavlovitz ensured his followers knew about the event and provided clear instructions for RSVPing. By incentivizing attendance with promises of exclusive access or signed copies, authors can foster a sense of excitement and anticipation surrounding the launch.

5. Facilitating Book Club Meetings

Book clubs are thriving communities of avid readers eager to discover new titles. Pavlovitz encouraged his followers to organize book club meetings centered around his book, offering free resources such as discussion questions and reading guides. By providing valuable content and support, authors can facilitate meaningful discussions and deepen their readers’ engagement with their work.

In essence, Pavlovitz’s approach exemplifies the power of collaboration between authors and their followers in book marketing. By providing clear calls to action and valuable resources, authors empower their audience to become active participants in promoting their work. This sense of partnership not only expands the book’s reach but also cultivates a loyal community of supporters invested in its success.

So, whether you’re a seasoned author or an aspiring writer, remember: your followers are not just passive spectators; they are your allies in the journey toward success.


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