Maximize Your Book Sales

Are you preparing to launch your new book? Deliberating the best ways to promote and sell your novel? There are plenty of avenues available to you, from building your online presence to securing endorsement to pitching media. As a rule of thumb, no amount of promotion will sell a bad book, so make sure you […]

Media Through the Years

PR by the Book is celebrating 20 years of providing publicity and social media services for authors and publishers all over the country and even internationally! My husband Doug and I started PR by the Book in 2002 to create a boutique firm to serve all authors from bestsellers all the way down to self-published […]

Find Your Audience and Community: Bookstagram & BookTok

What’s the 4-1-1 with social media lately? It’s hard to keep up with which platforms are in and which are out­ (sorry, Facebook), so here’s our breakdown of the two most popular and effective platforms in terms of social media book marketing: TikTok and Instagram! Whether you’re seeking video content or photos and graphics, both […]

The Power of Podcasts

Podcasting is one of the most popular streaming platforms used right now. Whether about true crime or business endeavors, there is a podcast for everyone. But what is the point of podcasting? Can it truly help spread awareness on whatever topic you’re talking about? The answer is yes, it can. So what is the point […]

Bringing Your Book to Non-Readers: DIY Audiobooks

This article was written by  “Sir” Isaac Smith, a remote audio producer. He specializes in helping authors, speakers, and coaches generate exposure for their written work and tapping into new audiences. He works with his wife from their home in Hawkins, TX, where they help authors convert written work into audiobooks or even a podcast. […]