What Is Hybrid Publishing?

Today, hybrid publishing is becoming increasingly popular as more authors seek to take control of their publishing journey while still benefiting from professional support and wider distribution.

23 Ways to Promote Your Book (or Brand) in 2023

23 Ways to Promote Your Book (or Brand) in 2023 SHARE Facebook-f Twitter Linkedin-in Pinterest-p As PR by the Book celebrates 20 years in business, we bring you these valuable tips for making the most of your 2023! Are you ready to hit the ball out of the park in 2023? In order to accurately […]

Maximize Your Book Sales

Are you preparing to launch your new book? Deliberating the best ways to promote and sell your novel? There are plenty of avenues available to you, from building your online presence to securing endorsement to pitching media. As a rule of thumb, no amount of promotion will sell a bad book, so make sure you […]

Media Through the Years

PR by the Book is celebrating 20 years of providing publicity and social media services for authors and publishers all over the country and even internationally! My husband Doug and I started PR by the Book in 2002 to create a boutique firm to serve all authors from bestsellers all the way down to self-published […]