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By: Marika Flatt on July 20, 2021

Early Reviews & Their Influence

Traditional Book Publicity

Publicizing new books is often based on momentum. The more traction a book or author gets early on, the more it will snowball into something larger later down the line. One of the most common ways to be noticed by a larger audience is through book reviews.   Why Early Reviews Matter People are more…

By: Marika Flatt on June 30, 2021

How Book Awards Can Help You Reach a Wider Audience

Traditional Book Publicity

An often-overlooked tool of book marketing are book awards. Book awards not only are a way to make your book more appealing, but they will also allow more people to see it. Even just nominations for book awards can help your book and your name gain more traction. How Book Awards Work: Most book awards…

By: Marika Flatt on June 1, 2021

PR Trends That Are Predicted to Shape the Industry

Digital Relevancy | Traditional Book Publicity

The past year has brought about many changes, new practices, and ideas to the world of public relations. Many businesses have had to pivot their business capabilities to meet the new needs of clients, thus forcing anyone using public relations tactics to build an audience and brand to rethink their strategies in order to thrive…

By: Marika Flatt on March 9, 2021

Using Festivals and Other Opportunities to Your Advantage

Digital Relevancy | Traditional Book Publicity

For an author, book festivals serve a multitude of purposes. Booths and tables are available, usually for a set fee, for the purpose of selling and marketing your books. With an attractive display and a good supply of promotional items to hand out, you’ll benefit from both sales and exposure. Your display might also draw…

By: Marika Flatt on March 9, 2021

The Importance of Public Speaking for Authors

Traditional Book Publicity

Another aspect of being an author is public speaking. Very few authors make a living on writing alone; most never quit their day jobs. However, it is possible to expand your income opportunities through public speaking. Public speaking. Those words often strike fear in the heart of an author. It’s bad enough we have to…

By: Marika Flatt on December 4, 2020

5 Things To Do After An Interview

Digital Relevancy | Social Media | Traditional Book Publicity

Interviews are one of the most powerful PR tools when it comes to promoting your book. They are the gateway to reaching entirely new audiences. Not only do you need to know how to prepare for an interview beforehand, but assessing what comes after is equally important. So, in order to maximize your promotion potential,…

By: Marika Flatt on September 18, 2020

How to Start Preparing your Promotion Strategy for the New Year

Social Media | Traditional Book Publicity

2020 has been a long, tumultuous year. Covid-19, quarantine, virtual learning, and so much more have put a damper on many people’s 2020 plans. More important than ever, people need to seize the ample opportunities they have to begin to strategize and plan ahead for a fresh start in 2021. So, here are a few…

By: Marika Flatt on September 4, 2020

My Publicity Campaign is Finished, Now What?

Digital Relevancy | Social Media | Traditional Book Publicity

Successful book promotion stems from effective branding and communication with your audience. Maintaining relevance after your book is published and the publicity campaign ends is an important way to continue building on your brand and take advantage of the investment you’ve made in your campaign.. Therefore, if you’re wrapping up a publicity campaign with us,…

By: Marika Flatt on August 21, 2020

How to Plan and Execute an Interactive Book Campaign, Part 4

Social Media | Traditional Book Publicity

In part three of our four-part series, we discussed how creating partnerships can benefit your campaign. But, what do you do once your book has been released?   It’s not over yet Once the release date has come and gone, that doesn’t mean your publicity efforts should end. Elizabeth Gilbert continued many social media and publicity…

By: Marika Flatt on August 14, 2020

How to Plan and Execute an Interactive Book Campaign, Part 3

Platform Development | Social Media | Traditional Book Publicity

In Step 2, we discussed ways to share content through your established online presence to build buzz about your upcoming book. A great way to expand your audience from your previous readers is to partner with similar brands who align with your book’s values.  Create strategic partnerships during your publicity campaign During her publicity campaign…

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