The Benefits of Long-Term Book Promotion

Explore author Amy Daughters’ journey with PR by the Book, showcasing the benefits of long-term book promotion, media engagement, social media strategy, and team support.

6 Books to Read for Texas Writers Month

It’s the 30th Anniversary of Texas Writers Month! From compelling fiction to thought-provoking non-fiction, our curated selection of books showcase the very best of a vast range of Texan literary talent.

Getting Testimonials

Secure testimonials early for effective book promotion. Learn how to get reviews from readers, editors, and influencers to maintain relevance post-publicity campaign.

The Importance of Public Speaking for Authors

The Importance of Public Speaking for Authors SHARE   Discover how authors can overcome the fear of public speaking, enhance their marketing efforts, and expand income opportunities through effective public speaking. Very few authors make a living solely from their writing; most continue to work day jobs. However, expanding income opportunities through public speaking is […]