1. What drew you to the story of Red Grange?
  2. In the 1920s, it was almost unheard of for a top college player to join the National Football League after leaving school. Can you describe the NFL then, especially in comparison to other leagues like Major League Baseball?
  3. Red Grange pioneered several concepts that benefit current college and NFL players, which are taken for granted. What did Red pioneer, and why should he be remembered and appreciated today?
  4. The rules of college football on the field were much different in the 1920s. What are a few rules in place in the 1920s that might surprise modern fans of the game?
  5. What are the parallels between Red Grange’s arrival in the NFL in 1926 and Caitlin Clark’s arrival in the WNBA this year?
  6. Although the term wouldn’t be coined until many years later, Grange’s beef with the NCAA was really about “Name, Image, and Likeness.” How did his frustrations with the system then compare to the experiences of modern players? (Johnny Manziel, for example.) 
  7. In addition to Grange, a key figure in your book is C.C. Pyle? How did he come to orchestrate Grange’s career after college and become “America’s First Sports Agent?”
  8. There is a scene in the book in which Grange meets a very young John F. Kennedy. How did their paths cross?
  9. Two names that current NFL fans will surely recognize from your book are George Halas of the Chicago Bears and Tim Mara of the New York Giants. Talk about their roles in establishing the NFL and convincing Grange to play in it.