Jennifer Cassetta is a nationally recognized motivational speaker and health and empowerment coach with a third-degree black belt in Hapkido and a master’s degree in nutrition. Over the past two decades, she has created programming that makes people feel strong, safe, and powerful from the streets to the boardroom. Her keynotes and trainings have helped tens of thousands of women tap into their innate power, speak up against predatory behavior, and level up their mind, body, and spiritual wellbeing.

From teaching Carrie Fisher self-defense on The Today Show to being a featured weight loss expert on ABC-TV’s My Diet is Better Than Yours, Jenn brings a unique passion plus practical tips for self-defense, optimal mental and physical health, and personal badassery. 

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In life—just like in martial arts—we get pushed and pulled and kicked down. We get banged up and bruised and stretched to our limits. 

Whether the opponent is a financial hardship, a difficult boss, being in a manipulative relationship, or emerging from a pandemic, Cassetta’s new book The Art of Badassery, teaches readers how to flex their mental muscle, how to rise above fears, and how to reclaim their power. Through thought-provoking exercises and no-holds-barred humor, she shows women how to close the door on blame and shame; how to grow from their Greatest (S)Hits List of life disappointments; and how to disarm and defend against the blocks that hold them back.

“Women cannot break. Maybe we’ve picked up some extra wrinkles and grey hairs along the way, but we certainly don’t combust under pressure,” Cassetta says. “If anything, we’re like diamonds, formed under times of high heat and intense pressure. Each carat that forms represents our unique powers that we can shine onto the world.”

Cassetta champions women that while they may bend, they will not break, and that they have the power within them to rise up and stand tall.


  • How to set boundaries to protect your happiness
  • Tips for embracing the stuck (because it is part of the process)
  • Tips for using discernment and intention to take back your power  from situations that sucked in our lives
  • How martial arts can teach you to overcome hardships in life
  • Tips for pivoting in life when you don’t like what you are doing
  • 4 strategies to help you roll with the punches in life
  • The difference between power-gaining and power-draining vocabulary
  • Ways to take care of yourself, so you can go from blah to badassery
  • How to create a ‘Hell Yes List’ to get clear about what you want and what you will tolerate
  • How to get rid of the things that are draining your energy
  • How to bounce back after a set back
  • Tips for finding your confidence, your power and your mojo
  • The path to release your inner badass
  • 5 rules of resiliency