“I trust Karen’s judgment on everything she posts and puts out into the world because she has the experience to back it all up. She’s a pillar in the photography industry, and her voice needs to be heard, especially during a time when the industry is calling for more people who know what they are talking about all while championing the photographers who are creating the content that keeps it going. I look forward to getting a copy of her book, as I know that whatever information she includes in it will be incredibly valuable, eloquently written, and full of passion and heart.”
—Kelly Elaine Garthwaite, Photo Operations Team Lead at Red Bull Media House

“Karen’s book proposal for “The Photo Hustle” is so necessary in the photographer hiring community. She has the exact experience to write such a guide for photographers at any career level in life. I am excited to share her book with the photo community. It is so very needed. I constantly come across photographers who know nothing about the photo business and how to negotiate properly, etc. It would be wonderful to have Karen’s book to suggest to them, since I have not seen any materials like that out there. I’m in extreme support of this book.”
—Anna Alexander, Director of Photography, WIRED

“With over 15 years of experience in the commercial photography industry, Karen Williams possesses a profound depth of knowledge, but what sets her apart is her dedication to demystifying the industry, an arena often perceived as impenetrable. As the CEO and creator of Black Visual Queen, Karen has established herself as a vanguard, tirelessly working to bring diversity and opportunity to the field. Her book will be a beacon for any aspiring photographer looking to break into the industry, offering not just hope but practical, actionable strategies that have been proven to work. I look forward to sharing it with my audience once it’s published.”
—Rob Haggart, Director of Photography, A Photo Editor

“Karen Williams is a force within the photography industry, and her forthcoming book promises to be a beacon of insight and inspiration. Having witnessed her profound expertise and compassionate mentorship firsthand, I am thrilled to offer my support for her work. As Karen navigates the process of pitching her book to publishers, her deep inside knowledge of the industry shines through. I have no doubt that her book will resonate profoundly within the photography and creative communities. I eagerly await the opportunity to delve into its contents and wholeheartedly endorse Karen’s invaluable contribution to our field.”
— Christopher Kern, Program Lead + Associate Professor of Photography,  California Baptist University

“Karen Williams has an exceptional eye, and is a great connector between creative talent and hiring professionals in the photography industry. Particularly in our current visual landscape with so many new platforms, and business models rapidly evolving, her perspective will be a very valuable resource for anyone looking for a voice of reason amidst the noise! I look forward to reading it and being able to share it with my own photography network.”
—Ash Barhamand, Visual Media Director, The Hollywood Reporter