A sudden prostate cancer diagnosis and shocking process to treatment hurdled Murray Wadsworth toward a new life purpose: spreading the dark truth about prostate cancer with Wadsworth’s book Prostate Cancer: Sheep or Wolf? All the while, traveling the nation in an RV to live his life to the fullest while managing his diagnosis.  

Before becoming a nomad author, Wadsworth was the founder/CEO for a successful startup IT company based in the US and UK.


Prostate Cancer: Sheep or Wolf? reveals the dark reality about prostate cancer treatment in America and the shocking prostate cancer stories of Wadsworth and five other men. 

The problem: America’s equipment and treatment for prostate cancer is frighteningly repressed. All medically reviewed, Wadsworth reveals the political mask, health system greed and toxic masculinity metastasizing prostate cancer in America.

QUOTES from Murray

  • “Men seem unnecessarily afraid of screening and treatment due to the possibility of erectile dysfunction and incontinence. After screening and MRI, patients need to have an MRI-guided biopsy, specifically the multiparametric MRI.”
  • “Countries, such as The Netherlands, outside of America have much more advanced prostate cancer diagnostic and treatment modalities. The healthcare business model needs to change in America. There needs to better imaging for prostate cancer in the U.S.”
  • “The“A multiparametric MRI should be done before a biopsy and the biopsy should be guided by imaging – not done blindly.”


  • More men die from prostate cancer today than women die from breast cancer.
  • There is no standard prostate cancer screening in the U.S. Prostate cancer patients need to screen and test early. Misinformation on prostate cancer runs rampant in America.
  • Many patients are being misdiagnosed with prostate cancer in America.
  • Patients must have two independent pathology reviews (which is not standard practice in the U.S., but standard in Europe). The pathology reviews must agree and align with MRI findings.