Phoebe Leona is a dancer, speaker, author, yoga teacher, and transformational guide who helps us feel more embodied through somatic, movement, and expanded awareness practices to become more empowered in who we are, who we are becoming, and our having a greater sense of belonging. She has been a teacher and guide for most of her life, but it was after a year of extreme loss in 2013 when she found herself in the vast open space in between her old life and a new life, that she dove deeply into her practices and began her company, nOMad to help others through their own transition and the spaces in between. Throughout that time, Phoebe also developed her movement/somatic practice, Mvt109™ for students to fully embrace the freedom of moving in their bodies, transforming old patterns and reclaiming the vibrations & stories they want to bring to life. Phoebe also finds joy in sharing her story to help others in their healing.  Phoebe tells her story on her TEDx Talk, her podcast The Space in Between, and her multi-author international bestseller Caged No More. Her newest book, Dear Radiant One, partners with GracePoint Publishing.


Phoebe Leona takes us on her journey as she dances through the twists and turns of life. She guides us from the shadows of fear, anger, grief, shame and loneliness and asks us to step with her into the light of gratitude, trust, confidence, joy and love. Phoebe’s own childhood journey from trauma to radiant spiritual teacher, reminds us that we are all authors of our own stories, and we can rewrite them at any period of our lives. Through her letters In Dear Radiant One, Phoebe shares vulnerable and honest interaction with her own emotions that provide inspiration and access to our own internal landscape. She provides specific practices that are an open invitation to explore our vulnerability and honest experiences of our emotional bodies. Get ready to dance with your radiance.



“It is a true gift when one of our fellow earth travelers allows us to see so deeply into their life. It’s sacred. Phoebe Leona gives us that gift with great vulnerability, courage, and wisdom. We get to follow her unique perspective, her powerful journey, and it becomes a potent medicine, leaving a thread of golden light on the path of becoming oneself. A beautiful invitation to allow everything we feel, we experience, to find its place within us.” —Gisela Stromeyer, healer, teacher and author of Just Like That: Poems, Paintings And Practices

“I love the book. Love everything about it. The stories shared (it takes guts to share like that) are not only fascinating, but they definitely open doors for contemplation. More than once, I paused to reflect on things in my own experience.  Phoebe leads people through a journey with distinct challenges at each stage. The questions at each part remind me of stopping along the road to pause at a rest stop with a great view. Pause and do some work… but work that feels guided and supported.” —Jeanmarie Paolillo, teacher and author of The Vibe-A-Thon: Creating Your Life from The Inside Out  

“Phoebe is profoundly, wholeheartedly dedicated to the path of healing. Every time I am in her presence, she shows up fully to share her whole self—with honesty, creativity, and  vulnerability. Her teaching and writing is deeply rooted in her lived experience.” —Jillian Pransky, teacher and author of Deep Listening