“R.K. Bob Brown has created a step-by-step guide for homeowners to understand potential causes and remediation techniques for foundation and slab movement issues. Foundation Repair Secrets takes Bob’s years of expertise in the foundation repair industry and presents them in a simplified manner for everyone to understand. This book makes clear not only Bob’s knowledge and passion for the foundation repair industry; but also his  devotion to ensuring homeowners are provided the correct repair for their individual needs.” 
—Greg Bakkum, S.E., P.E. 

“As a homeowner considers having to make a significant investment in their home, this book will be a great resource to navigate foundation assessments and repair options. Well informed homeowners are better equipped to ask questions of the repair contractor in order to make better decisions and avoid unrealistic expectations. The more you know, the better the outcome.”
—Gregg A. Creaser, P.E., President/Geotechnical Team Principal at SPEEDIE & ASSOCIATES, Inc. 

“R.K. Bob Brown’s book is a great resource for homeowners who want to learn how house foundations work and make informed decisions regarding foundation repairs.”
—Randolph Marwig, P.E., President Western Technologies Inc. 

“R. K. Bob Brown used a personal approach to explain a topic that might seem foreign to most. Using anecdotes and real life experiences, Bob shares ideas and a vision in his book, Foundation Repair Secrets, that will likely save a lot of people  time and money on their foundation repairs.” 
—Clint L. Mueller, P.E.

“This book is a great, easy-to-read guide for homeowners with distressed houses in need of repair. Although distress assessments can be costly, you will likely have a better chance of a successful repair with geotechnical and structural engineers  involved. Most distress results from various contributing factors that take knowledge and experience to fully understand. It is cheaper to fix the actual problem the first time, rather than hope a repair works. Foundation Repair Secrets provides some basic knowledge for the homeowner to make informed decisions on one of their biggest investments.“
—Chet L. Pearson, P.E.