Summer McStravick

Encinitas, CA (San Diego)

CEO, Creator of Flowdreaming®, and author of Stuff Nobody Taught You

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Pub Date: April 25, 2023
Genre: Self-help / Personal Growth
Publisher: Health Communications Inc
Page Count: 336
Paperback; E-book
ISBN: 978-0757324680, paperbook; B0B4KL2J2H, e-book
Price: $17.95, paperback; $12.99, e-book

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Summer McStravick is a powerhouse of positivity and inner transformation. A personal growth coach and creator of Flowdreaming® – a mind-body protocol practiced by over 180,00 people for emotional reconditioning and manifesting desires,  Summer understands the importance of remaining attuned to your emotions, needs, and longings and knowing when and how to pivot when life demands it. In Stuff Nobody Taught You, Summer offers readers saucy straight-talk and actionable tips to create wildly successful and happy versions of themselves.

Stuff Nobody Taught You distills principles Summer teaches at her popular M.E. (Mindset and Emotion) School in 40 bite-sized lessons with prompts at the end of each chapter. These lessons include:

  • Feelings, not things, are the goal: Summer teaches readers how to see past the “thing” we might want in life – more money, better job, happier relationships, etc. – and to dive deep to discover what emotional needs our desires represent.  
  • Tackling the fear of success: While many of us may shrink from the fear of failure, Summer encourages readers to take a look at the ways the fear of being successful and being seen can stunt personal growth. 
  • Heal when you’re ready: Readers find insights on healing core emotional wounds when they are ready.
  • The power and necessity of heartbreak: Summer offers a revolutionary perspective on heartbreak, encouraging readers to understand grief as a powerful catharsis that clears out stuck energy and emotion and clears space for joy to take its place.

For anyone feeling that it’s too late to change or reinvent themselves, Stuff Nobody Taught You reveals that change is possible, no matter where you are in life. You already possess the power to transform your life. 


Summer McStravick is a personal growth coach, author, podcaster, and creator of Flowdreaming®, a mind-body technique for manifesting and growing inner emotional strength, and of M.E.School®, a life changing personal growth program that happens every autumn. Her latest adventure is a year-round monthly membership program, "Flow On,” where she teaches spiritual growth seekers how to fuse manifesting into their daily lives.


Stuff Nobody Taught You

Can you imagine all the things we wish we’d been taught? Like, how to handle money well. How to heal an argument. How to create emotional boundaries. How to reinvent yourself when you’ve hit a deadend in your life or heart. Nobody ever really sat us down and taught us how. Until now. 

Who’s Suffering From Lack Thinking?

When we talk about going bigger, part of us pops up, hellbent on keeping us smaller. What is that part and why does it do that? Let’s talk about how to overcome all those “not good enough” and “it’ll never happen” thoughts.

“Next-Leveling” By Design (Not Luck)

You’ve been playing small. You’ve been stuck. One part of you is generally running the show: your head, or your heart. And baby, they don’t want to give up one drop of that power. But, our goal is to get into balance. That’s how we see the true riches available to us. We’ll pull apart “mind spin,” fear, and other things we do to ourselves to keep the king and the queen in separate bedrooms. We’ll talk about the inner work that needs to happen to get unstuck and enter your true next level of growth (personally, financially, and in any other way.)

Midlife Crisis or Midlife Reinvention?

Sometimes we need a do-over and a chance to go in a new direction. See what steps are involved in consciously revitalizing yourself, breaking down your fear of change, and finally hearing that part of you that’s been absolutely shouting to you about where it wants to go next.

Get UnFunked with Emotional Reconditioning

Feeling funky lately? Disappointed with what you’ve made so far or thirsting for something finally rewarding? We’ll discover how a technique called emotional reconditioning (or Flowdreaming) can fully rewrite your inner emotional landscape.

Constructing Your Life Blueprint

There’s a powerful way to let the Universe know exactly what you want. It’s called making your Life Blueprint. We’ll sketch ours and learn what it’s made from (hint: emotion!) as well as how to fill it with strong directed energy.

Emotional Detox

We cleanse our bodies. We dopamine detox, and get off of tech. But what about our emotional selves? When was the last time it had a good scrubbing? And, how will we feel when we’ve spit-shined it up? 

The Universe Is My Suitor

We always talk about inner healing…what about the healing we need in our relationship to life itself? We’ll unpack what it means to truly dance with non-physical and thereby find the heaps of support we’ve been lacking for so long.

You’re Not Melting Down…You’re Melting Through

What does it mean when you feel stuck, banging your head against the same wall over and over, throwing your hands up in a frustrated meltdown with whatever you're trying to achieve? It means it’s time for a new route…for some ease and flow…but how do you cultivate those qualities in your life? What shift has to happen inside you? 



  • As Young As You Feel Day - 22
  • International Day for Achievers - 24
  • National Each Person Is a Person of Worth Day - 24
  • National I Am In Control Day - 30


  • Explore Your Career Options Week - 2-8
  • Don’t Go to Work Unless it’s Fun Day - 3
  • International Day of Conscience - 5
  • Walk on Your Wild Side Day - 12
  • International Creator Day - 23
  • National Take a Chance Day - 23
  • Honesty Day - 30


  • Creative Beginnings Month
  • National Creativity Day - 30
  • What You Think Upon Grows Day - 31


  • Dare Day - 1
  • Meet a Mate Week - 12-18
  • World Productivity Day - 20


“Summer warns you that she has a sailor’s mouth. But if you can buckle up for a really fun ride and not get triggered by the f-bomb, she promises to take you on the ride of your life. Being in the world of personal growth for decades, Summer has valuable gems to share that you won’t find on a Google search. You get to dig deep into your heart and soul while assisted by her prompts so you can map out your vision, get crystal clear about who you are, and know how to manifest what you want right now and in the future. The best part is that you will feel light and joyful while doing it. Summer cracks you open in the most enjoyable way, so you don’t have to live an ordinary life.” 
—Dondi Dahlin, author of The Five Elements 

Stuff Nobody Taught You arrived at the perfect time in my life when I was questioning almost everything I was currently doing. It helped me navigate my life and reinvent myself in a new and confident way. This book is literally like having the best coach and accountability partner you can imagine walking alongside you, while you are transforming and reinventing your life. A definite must read for all those looking for a new way of living in their world.” 
—Keith Macpherson, speaker, coach, author of Making Sense of Mindfulness

"Summer’s unique voice will speak to your soul! Unlike so many watered down, cookie-cutter personal growth practices and inflated promises, her techniques and ideas are truly effective, wonderfully original, and practically magical. She’s a true pioneer in personal growth, and this book is her best to date." 
—Morgana Rae, author of Financial Alchemy: 12 Months of Magic & Manifestation 

“Summer is a self-help stalwart: educating and inspiring people for decades. I’m so in awe of her graciousness, commitment, and loving spirit.” 
—Leonie Dawson, author of My Brilliant Year

"With equal parts humor, sass, and wit, Summer takes one through a journey to aliveness. There’s no stone unturned regarding the hidden saboteurs that make us self-abandon, yet she makes it okay to be confused, conflicted, and simultaneously inspired with big dreams bursting at the seams. It’s this permission that allows the reader to laugh at oneself, give up the B.S. that has been stopping them, and surrender in the most delicious way. And with practical prompts at the end of each chapter, the insights stick. I'd never have thought I’d call a book about personal transformation a ‘page-turner,’ but this one is!" 
—Barb Wade, M.A., executive coach, speaker, and author of Your One Year Permission Slip


“Summer has uncovered a brilliant method for using intention with beauty and precision. A wonderful guidebook on the art of manifesting.”
—Dr. Wayne Dyer

“Wisdom filled, elegantly written, and practical, Creative Flowdreaming offers a rich collection of life lessons that catapult us beyond the obvious, revealing how the common experiences we share each day offer a direct path to unseen realms of the divine. By sharing the miracles of her personal experience, Summer McStravick reminds us of what’s possible in our own lives. This is a great book that you’ll read again and again!”
—Gregg Braden, author of The Divine Matrix and Fractal Time

“Get out your highlighter! Every page of Creative Flowdreaming is filled with practical and profound information that is immediately useable in your life. In this pioneering book, learn to step into the Flow and access the subtle energy patterns that surround you, so you can easily manifest your dreams. I recommend it!”
—Denise Linn, author of The Hidden Power of Dreams

“Insightful, fun, practical, and inspiring! Summer McStravick’s new book, Creative Flowdreaming, is a must-read for anyone ready to take action to see their dreams come true.”
—Colette Baron-Reid, author of Messages from Spirit

“Simple, direct, and effective, Creative Flowdreaming has the power to help you become pre-active in creating your life, rather than reactive to the circumstances around you. Why wait? Create the life of your dreams now.”
—Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., author of Minding the Body, Mending the Mind and Your Soul’s Compass

“If you have ever found yourself frustrated with the manifesting process and have yet to manifest what you desire, then this book is a must-read. Creative Flowdreaming not only offers insight into how you can tap into the Flow, it reveals how you can become a manifestation master and turn your inner desires into your outer reality. A job well done, Summer!”
—Carol Ritberger, Ph.D.,author of Healing Happens with Your Help

“Summer McStravick understands the power of using universal energy and, in her new book, Creative Flowdreaming, she’ll not only help you to understand it, too, she’ll tell you exactly what you need to know to become a self-directive manifester.”
—Cheryl Richardson, author of The Art of Extreme Self-Care


Pub Date: May 17, 2022
Genre: Memoir / Christian Inspirational
Publisher: She Writes Press
Page Count: 304
ISBN: 978-1647429003
Price: $15.99


In the age of social media, what does it mean to connect through a hand-written letter?


True Story: When Amy Daughters reconnected with her former friend from camp decades ago, Dana, via Facebook, she had no idea how it would change her life. Through social media, Amy learned Dana’s son Parker was at St. Jude battling cancer–devastating news, but what else do you do besides comment an “I’m so sorry,” nowadays? 


But more than a comment happened, Amy woke up in the middle of the night and felt called in a way she couldn’t fully explain to write handwritten letters to Dana–someone who through time and distance, had become nothing more than several hundred other faces on her Facebook account. 


When Parker died, Amy, not knowing what else to do, continued to write Dana. Eventually, Dana wrote back, and the two became pen pals, sharing things through the mail that they had never shared before. The richness of the experience left Amy wondering something: If my life could be so changed by someone I considered “just a Facebook friend,” what would happen if I wrote all my Facebook friends a letter?


A staggering 580 handwritten letters later Amy’s life would never be the same. As it turned out, there were actual individuals living very real lives behind each social media profile, and she was beautifully connected to each of those extraordinary, very real people.


A native Houstonian and a graduate of The Texas Tech University, Amy W. Daughters has been a freelance writer for more than a decade — mostly covering college football and sometimes talking about her feelings. Her debut novel, You Cannot Mess This Up: A True Story That Never Happened (She Writes Press, 2019), was selected as the Silver Winner for Humor in the 2019 Foreword INDIES and the Overall Winner for Humor/Comedy in the 2020 Next Generation Indie Awards. An amateur historian, hack golfer, charlatan fashion model, and regular on the ribbon dancing circuit, Amy — a proud former resident of Blackwell, England, and Dayton, Ohio currently lives in Tomball, Texas, a suburb of Houston. She is married to a foxy computer person, Willie, and is the lucky mother of two amazing sons, Will and Matthew.


  • Lost Art of Letter Writing – The deliberateness of a letter, honest, believable and genuine, more than Social Media could ever be. Bringing back the beautiful connection of a hand-written letter. 
  • How can we teach our younger generation to value a pen & stationery? 
  • The stages of grief and how to remain a constant and connected friend experiencing the grieving process.
  • The power of prayer and finding purpose.
  • The evolution of friendships and connections due to social media.
  • Work from home and the disconnect it creates–how letter writing can bring back more meaningful relationships.
  • Women in Sports – Amy is a decades long sportswriter–a position with its own trials and tribulations as a woman in a male-dominated field. 



  • Read a New Book Month
  • National Letter Writing Day – December 7
  • National Christmas Card Day – December 9


  • Self-Love Month
  • Universal Letter Writing Week – Jan 8-14
  • Hunt for Happiness Week – Jan 15-21


  • International Boost Self Esteem Month – February


  • Month of Hope; Day of Hope –  April 5
  • World Health Day – April 7
  • Tell a Story –  April 27
  • Trauma Awareness Month – May


“Dear Dana is an inspirational memoir about caring for friends near and far by reviving a lost art.” — Foreword Reviews


“. . . a captivating study regarding writing letters to friends and rethinking how people successfully bond in the modern world. An intriguing and inspiring exploration of different forms of communication.”— Kirkus Reviews


“This is a book for anyone who wonders about the differences between a Facebook friend and a Real-Life friend and who yearns to see a person’s real life behind their Facebook image. It is also about the power of prayer and the abundance of kindness in our world. But ultimately, it’s about connection and how we are all connected when we come from love.”    — Rivvy Neshama, author of Recipes for a Sacred Life: True Stories and a Few Miracles


“Captivating . . . I laughed and I cried as I followed the pleasures of real mail, and the lesson hit home: Whether written or spoken, our words matter. They have the power to illuminate someone’s darkest day.” — Laurie Buchanan, PhD, author of Note to Self: A Seven-Step Path to Gratitude and Growth and The Business of Being: Soul Purpose In and Out of the Workplace