What’s the 4-1-1 with social media lately? It’s hard to keep up with which platforms are in and which are out­ (sorry, Facebook), so here’s our breakdown of the two most popular and effective platforms in terms of social media book marketing: TikTok and Instagram!

Whether you’re seeking video content or photos and graphics, both platforms can be used interchangeably. With the ability to share TikTok videos directly to Instagram, these two platforms combine video and photography to reach as many readers as possible.

It’s important to understand the benefits of each platform, and how to use them together as well as separately in order to optimize your book’s reach.


In the height of the pandemic, TikTok became an outlet when stay-at-home orders and other mandates prohibited individuals from having a sense of community and togetherness. From dance trends to new ways to make coffee, TikTok allowed individuals to participate in various activities, which created an entirely viral platform, to celebrate and share different interests and hobbies.

As readers everywhere finally found the time to dust off the book that had been sitting on their nightstand for the past few years (and actually read it), many sought book recommendations, creating ‘BookTok’. 

It’s a community inside TikTok where book lovers share recommendations and reviews. The leading genres are True Crime and Romance, but any reader can find a community on BookTok. Creators are using the platform to share their favorite reads, gaining viral success and influence.

These creators and their videos are also the catalyst behind so many book revivals. For instance, Colleen Hoover’s works became the most talked about and sought out books on the platform. TikTok and BookTok have become a movement with the power to propel book sales as well as entice more users to read. 

With its widespread accessibility, any book has the ability to surpass its target audience on BookTok and reach a larger demographic. Here are four easy tips to always remember when creating BookTok content.

1. Show off the physical copy of the book

Viewers prefer to see the actual book rather than a picture. It’s also much more aesthetically-pleasing and allows viewers to imagine the book on their own shelf.

2. State what your book is all about

Make sure to tell your viewers the genre of the book and compare it to well-known books of the same genre, so readers can get a better understanding of your book.

3. Hashtag it

Be sure to always include the hashtag ‘BookTok’ as well as the genre and any other trending hashtags.

4. Sound on

Use one of TikTok’s trending sounds which are sure to bring in more potential viewers.


Don’t count it out—Instagram has remained a trending platform in the realm of social media.

In recent years, influencers have dominated the app, persuading their followers based on their seemingly credible recommendations. There is a huge overlap in TikTok creators and Instagram influencers, as they are usually active on both apps, using them interchangeably to extend their reach.

Not only can photos be posted and saved to Instagram accounts, but so can TikTok videos. Here are some tips on enhancing your Bookstagram account and using Instagram and TikTok together effortlessly.

1. Create highlights

Creating highlights allows you to save and feature posts on the top of your Instagram page. This allows for followers to easily access some of your most popular posts, rather than having to scroll through your entire page.

2. Download LinkTr.ee

This app allows you to organize the links to all of your other platforms in your Instagram bio. Followers can use it to immediately find and be redirected to your TikTok account or author site.

3. Post TikTok videos to Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels is the space where you can save all of your videos. But before posting your TikTok video to Instagram, make sure you run the video through SnapTik.com to remove the TikTok watermark—this ensures your video will have more reach.

TikTok and Instagram have become two of the key players in successful book marketing. When used together, they allow a continuous photo and video experience which allows users to follow along and engage. Don’t be afraid to jump in, whether you start by interacting with others’ content or are ready to create your own.

Happy posting!

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