The Essential Father's Day Book Gift Guide


Looking for gift ideas for the big guy? Check out our diverse Father’s Day Book Gift Guide–perfect for dads who love gripping novels, inspirational memoirs, or practical guidebooks. Find the ideal read!
With Father’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to celebrate the incredible dads in our lives. What better way to honor them than with a thoughtfully chosen book that speaks to their interests, passions, and the joys of fatherhood? Whether your father figure is a fan of gripping novels, inspirational memoirs, or practical guidebooks, we have something for him in our diverse collection of must-reads! 

Paul Weigel | Iron Dad 

This inspiring memoir (available June 11 2024, just in time for Father’s Day) chronicles the period ten years ago when Paul, then the father of a three-year-old daughter, conquered both colorectal cancer and the Ironman Triathlon one right after the other. Suzanne Stone, President & CEO Livestrong, says, “Iron Dad is a powerful testament to resilience, courage, and the unbreakable bond between father and child.” His close relationship with his daughter inspired him in both achievements then, and motivated him to share his story more widely now, as she sought to learn more about his experience.


David Weill | All That Really Matters 

Joe Bosco is an arrogant, hard-charging transplant surgeon whose ambition knows no bounds. He pursues his job with a “take no prisoners” approach and saving patients is not just his job, or even his passion—it’s his religion. Dr. Bosco makes it to the top as a star in the transplant world but soon realizes that the new world he inhabits is fraught with moral and ethical transgressions, some his partners commit and, eventually, some he commits. It is not until his life spins out of control that Joe must come to terms with his own failings and find his true purpose in life… in the most unlikely of places.


Anthony J. Mohr | Every Other Weekend: Coming of Age with Two Different Dads 

In his award-winning memoir Every Other Weekend: Coming of Age with Two Different Dads, Anthony Mohr offers a poignant and compassionate portrait of two larger-than-life men – his father (Hollywood actor) Gerald Mohr and stepfather Stanley Dashew. Gerald Mohr struggles to replicate his success onscreen during the advent of television. In stark contrast, Stanley Dashew was a self-made businessman whose contributions to the credit card industry brought him success and influence. Delivering a unique perspective on growing up in Beverly Hills in the 1950s and 60s, Anthony tracks his stepfather’s career successes and his biological father’s failures as he tries to find his place in the world. 


Chad Boudreaux | Homecoming Queen

Time is of the essence as the hurricane of the century, predicted to obliterate everything in its path, barrels toward Anika’s hometown. Not long ago, she was the high school’s beloved homecoming queen, but now she finds herself on the run from the law and running out of time after family troubles force her to pursue vigilante justice. With the storm approaching and tensions in town increasing, factions brace for battle with Anika and her sister trying to survive. Homecoming Queen was written for adults of all ages with a love for fast-paced thrillers. 


James R. Gregory | Zephyr’s War 

Growing up in the shadow of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, Zep Zephyr dedicated his young life to growing sunflowers on his family’s farm. When the Chernobyl reactor exploded, Zep and his brother Ziggy set out on a journey to New York City to start anew. Zep immerses himself in the world of finance and soon discovers the alluring promise of great fortunes: an initial public offering on Wall Street. Meanwhile, the Securities Exchange Commission and the FBI have launched a relentless investigation into the surging criminal underworld seeking to infiltrate Wall Street’s impregnable fortress. Time becomes the enemy as the clock ticks ominously, propelling Zep into a high-stakes battle for his reputation, his future, and his very life.


Andy O’Brien | WTF Was I Thinking: Family Business 

WTF Was I Thinking: Family Business is a helpful guide to anyone and everyone considering opening a family business with unfiltered lessons from Andy O’Brien himself. Andy breaks down the blueprints of running a business with his personal experiences and diverse business insights. Andy covers a spectrum of topics for entrepreneurs and strategies that business owners can implement in order to create productivity and profit.


Dr. C.A. Parker | Song Of The Samurai 

For fans of Shogun, C.A. Parker transports readers to turbulent 18th-century Japan 1745 where roads are monitored, dissent stifled, and order maintained through blackmail and an extensive network of informers. Amid rumors of rebellion, samurai/monk Kurosawa Kinko is expelled in disgrace as the head music instructor of his Zen temple in Nagasaki. He begins an odyssey across Japan, dogged by agents and assassins from an unknown foe. Song of the Samurai takes the reader on a richly-textured exploration of feudal Japan and the complexities of the human spirit.


RK Bob Brown | Foundation Repair Secrets

The telltale signs of a shifting home foundation are hard to miss, but what do you do about it and who do you call? A 35-year industry veteran, Bob Brown shows homeowners, as well as real estate professionals, home inspectors, and foundation repair contractors, what they need to find the right solutions when faced with cracked or deteriorating walls, uneven floors, or sticking windows and doors.


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