5 Reasons Summer is the Perfect Time to Promote Your Book


Discover why summer is ideal for book promotion! From reading roundups to vacation reads, here are 5 reasons to showcase your book during the sunny season.

As the sun stretches its golden fingers across the sky and the scent of freshly cut grass fills the air, summer whispers promises of relaxation, adventure, and, for bookworms, the perfect time to dive into a good read—Beach Reads, anyone? But if you’re an author, summer isn’t just about kicking back with a novel; it’s also the opportune moment to showcase your own literary creation.

The whole “I thought summer would be a bad time to promote my book” concern is one we’ve heard time and again from authors. We’re here to debunk this publishing myth! Here are 5 reasons why summer is a great time to promote your book.

Summer Reading Roundups

With the arrival of summer, magazines, blogs, and book clubs churn out reading roundup after reading roundup. From “Top 10 Beach Reads” to “Must-Read Summer Thrillers,” there’s a list that your book will fit on! Getting your book featured on one of these lists can significantly boost its visibility and entice readers to add it to their summer TBR (To Be Read) pile.


Vacation Season

As suitcases are dusted off and travel plans are made, people start envisioning themselves lounging by the pool or sprawled out on a sandy beach, book in hand. Or maybe they’re planning travel entertainment for red-eyes or cross-country road trips. For authors, this presents a golden opportunity. Readers actively seek out new books to accompany them on their vacations, making summer the perfect time to promote your book as the ideal travel companion.


Flexible Schedules Mean More Reading Time

With longer days and a more relaxed atmosphere, summer often translates to extra leisure time for many. Some companies up north even have “Summer Fridays,” where by working one extra hour Monday-Thursday employees can take half days on Friday. Whether it’s lazy afternoons spent in the hammock or quiet evenings on the porch, people find themselves with more time to indulge in the pleasure of reading. By promoting your book during this season, you’re tapping into a market that’s hungry for captivating stories to fill their newfound free time.


Timely Tie-Ins

The summer months include plenty of timely tie-ins that authors can take advantage of to promote their books. From National Men’s Health Month in June to Paperback Book Day in July and Romance Awareness Month in August, there’s no shortage of occasions to align your book with. Whether your story touches on themes of health, romance, or self-discovery, these observances provide the perfect backdrop for targeted marketing campaigns.

Here are some examples of summer timely tie-ins we’re using for Paul Weigel, author of “Iron Dad: A Cancer Survivor’s Story of Discovering Strength, Life, and Love Through Fatherhood:”

  • June: National Men’s Health Month, Father’s Day gift guides, Men’s Health Week (10-16), National Cancer Survivors Day (2), National Cancer Thriver Day (9)
  • July: Paperback Book Day (30)
  • August: Happiness Happens Month, National Wellness Month, We Love Memoirs Day (30), back to school gift guides


Here are additional general bookish timely tie-ins:

  • June: Audiobook Appreciation Month, National Crime Reading Month, Independent Bookshop Week (15-22)
  • July: National Tom Sawyer Day (4), Paperback Book Day (30)
  • August: Romance Awareness Month, Book Lover’s Day (9), National Poet’s Day (21), We Love Memoirs Day (31)


Authors Have More Availability

Summer often brings a lull in the hectic schedules of authors, many of whom have day jobs. With school holidays and vacations on the horizon, many writers find themselves with a bit more breathing room to dedicate to promotional activities. Whether it’s scheduling interviews, attending book signings, or engaging with readers on social media, authors can capitalize on this period of relative calm to amplify their book’s visibility and connect with their audience on a deeper level.

Summer isn’t just a time for ice cream and sun-kissed adventures—it’s also a prime opportunity for authors to shine a spotlight on their literary creations. With summer reading roundups, vacation season, flexible schedules, timely tie-ins, and increased author availability, there’s no better time to promote your book and captivate the hearts and minds of readers everywhere. So, dust off those manuscripts, soak up the summer sun, and let your book bask in the warm glow of success!


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