Dawn Fleming joined the Author to Influencer Accelerator after attending an Ask Me Anything session with Marika Flatt, hosted by Morgan James Publishing. Dawn is the owner and operator of Overseas Life Redesign, a global coaching and consulting company that encourages others to discover their dreams and turn them into reality just like she did. Dawn began her career in real estate before graduating from Western State University College of Law and specializing in international business transactions as a licensed California attorney. She finally found her calling for two decades as a mentor to thousands of entrepreneurs, coaching them through the growth of their home-based businesses.

Claim Your Dream Life: How to Retire in Paradise on a Shoestring Budget walks you through every step of an international move, from choosing your location to budgeting for success. Published by Morgan James Publishing, Claim Your Dream Life comes out March 29, 2022.


As a member benefit of the Author to Influencer Accelerator, Dawn bought 10 hours and specifically requested a press kit, media lists, editorial help on an email interview request, and advice on suggested interview questions, how to format the book’s website, and top/wish list media to aim for.


The main goal of this project was to prepare Dawn to present herself to the media. As a member of the Author to Influencer Accelerator program, Dawn is learning to build up her own platforms, write and send her own pitches, and secure her own publicity. 

The Author to Influencer Accelerator allows members to continue to be self-sufficient in their book publishing quest. Whether they are authors or small publishers, members receive resources and guidance as they curate their own publicity campaigns and reap the benefits of creating their own success. The hours we spent researching and drafting copy allowed Dawn to better organize her materials and perfect her digital presence. Our back end work gave her an edge so she could really stand out when pitching to pre-publication media.

Now, she has signed up for 10 hours per month for the 3 months leading up to her March pub date. We will spend that time pitching specific areas of media. 

Created by an Entrepreneurial Author for Entrepreneurial Authors, Morgan James became the first hybrid publisher to blend the strength, credibility, and distribution of traditional publishing with the flexibility, author involvement, and time to market of self-publishing. Their vision is to publish titles that educate, encourage, inspire, and entertain with current, consistent, relevant, titles available everywhere books are sold. This approach harnesses the immense power of publishing a book and empowers entrepreneurial authors like Dawn to create a quality product and build their own success, much like the Author to Influencer Accelerator.

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