Though the value of blurbs and endorsements on books has been debated in recent years, the power of a celebrity’s name on your book jacket is undeniable. Celebrities are some of the most influential people in the world, and they can help you get the word out when promoting your books. Endorsements give the impression that the product is high-quality, and when they come from celebrities, they can reach thousands of people on social media. While this might seem like a far-fetched idea, getting a celebrity endorsement could be easier than you think.

The first step in this process is easy: Think about who fits.

People naturally want to help. On top of that, celebrities always like to keep their name relevant, reach new audiences, and maintain visibility. Start by thinking of who your dream list of celebrities would be. Dream big, but consider who may receive too many asks per day and who would realistically respond to your book. For example, don’t reach out to someone known for rom-coms about a true crime/horror book or a young movie star about financial advice for retirement book.

Do a little research, too. Find celebrities in your book’s field or who already endorse other books and organizations in your book’s field that might not have jumped to mind immediately or who have endorsed similar books and products.

Once you have a list of celebrities, never don’t ask.

Get on their (and their followers’) radar by using hashtags and mentions on your social media posts and by responding to their posts. It is important to remember not to be a stalker or to act starstruck. Then compliment, connect, and ask. Make your pitch short and sweet, simple and relatable. If you do not get a response via email or social media, attend events you know they will attend and ask in a public place. Reference other celebrities who have also endorsed you so they take you more seriously. 

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are typically the best days to pitch and when you are most likely to hear back from them. If they do say no, be politely persistent—you never know if you can change their mind. And even if you don’t receive an endorsement, you’ll have put your name and your book in front of thousands of social media users from the initial engagement. 

It’s also important to not just make a request: Show the value the celebrity will receive, too.

Tell them why your book is a fit for their image. Pay attention to celebrities’ other endorsements, and consider donating a percentage of proceeds to their favorite charity as a good hook. 

Once you receive a celebrity endorsement, make sure to stay connected. Send them a thank-you note and give them updates on the success of your book. This sets up the possibility of post-publication endorsements and publicly maintains appearances for both you and them. And get creative! Endorsements can be used in more places than just book covers, like as graphics on social media, which can be posted several times and which you can continue to tag the celebrity in.

So don’t be afraid of approaching celebrities. Nothing comes from not trying. All you have to do is find celebrities who you admire and who match your book, contact them, ask them—and then promote them with your book.

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