How to Magnify Social Media Traffic

This post shares tips and strategies from Erika Heald, a marketing consultant who relies on data tracking applications such as BuzzSumo. Learn more here.

The main challenge when it comes to social media is understanding what type of content you should be posting and which channels reach your desired audience. Ultimately, everyone thinks that they are their own customer — which is why it is imperative to understand that all users find and interact with content differently.

Audiences consist of various people and perspectives, even niche groups. So when you create content, it must efficiently speak to your brand yet remain open for everyone. 


Utilize data systems such as BuzzSumo, Google Analytics, and even Hootsuite to track keywords (like your name and book title), buzz words (like the main themes and topics you cover), competitors, discussions or arguments revolving around your main themes, and more.

It’s one thing to stay aware of your field and know the latest new competitor or controversy everyone is talking about, but it’s another to have the real data behind it all. Data systems allow you to create an organized and easy approach to tracking social media in-depth.

This data can be used to audit social media (keep an eye on discussions) and improve content creation (what you are posting). By tracking terms and keywords, you’re building your own understanding of the field and analyzing how your audience reacts to it as well. For one thing, you’ll discover where your audience truly resides – not everyone is on Twitter and Instagram, some still love Facebook and Reddit. For another, you’ll see what content they love (or hate) the most.

This leads to content creation. You’ll have a much better understanding of what posts resonate with your audience, which they will be more likely to interact with. It allows you to jump into discussions as they happen and interact with hot topics and posts. Instead of creating “filler” content that you enjoy but doesn’t receive a lot of attention, you’ll also have a myriad of references to quality content that reaps engagement. 


Implementing these practices overtime and organizing annual reporting reviews gives insight into what is and what is not working as well as how you should be adjusting for future content. Build an understanding of what content is driving engagement across which platforms.

When you realize where your audience is and what kind of content they prefer, you can begin increasing traffic and interaction on your own channels.

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