Celebrity and Influencer Endorsements

Celebrity and Influencer Endorsements SHARE   Discover tips to score celebrity endorsements for your book with our expert guide. Learn to pitch effectively, leverage connections, and maximize impact.  Though the value of blurbs and endorsements on books has been debated in recent years, the power of a celebrity’s name on your book jacket is undeniable. […]

How to Magnify Social Media Traffic

How to Magnify Social Media Traffic SHARE Facebook-f Twitter Linkedin-in Pinterest-p This post shares tips and strategies from Erika Heald, a marketing consultant who relies on data tracking applications such as BuzzSumo. Learn more here. The main challenge when it comes to social media is understanding what type of content you should be posting and […]

Maximize Your Book Sales

Maximize Your Book Sales SHARE Facebook-f Twitter Linkedin-in Pinterest-p Are you preparing to launch your new book? Deliberating the best ways to promote and sell your novel? There are plenty of avenues available to you, from building your online presence to securing endorsement to pitching media. As a rule of thumb, no amount of promotion […]

The Jackson Pollock of Book Sales

Don’t be a minimalist in your approach to book selling. It’s a new era of book marketing and publishing. More writers are side-stepping the traditional publishing houses and choosing to self-publish or even crowd-source their next novels. At times it can feel like a free-for-all when it comes to the best possible way to share […]