Jim Renacci is an experienced business owner who created more than 1,500 jobs and employed over 3,000 people across the Buckeye State before running for Congress in 2010.  He represented Ohio’s 16th District in the House of Representatives for four terms. He is also the chairman of Ohio’s Future Foundation, a policy and action oriented organization whose goal is to move the state forward.


Renacci spent 30 years as a successful businessman in Ohio before running for Congress. He came to Washington with a new wave of Republicans who set out to change ‘business as usual’ in the nation’s capital. Unfortunately, he learned many of his fellow legislators were unable or unwilling to understand the budgeting process and the long-term financial consequences of their actions, leading to runaway spending and skyrocketing deficits.

In The GOP’s Lost Decade, Renacci recounts his four terms in Congress, calling out Republicans, as well as Democrats, for the dysfunction within our political system and the pervasive attitudes toward spending that threatens to derail our economy over the long-term.  Renacci’s practical solutions for getting the federal government working again require disruption from outside the political system, because even the most dedicated of fighters on the inside need the weight of the people to make lasting change.

Renacci takes readers inside the halls of government, offering a firsthand look at why and how Congress fails to do its job. Renacci pulls back the curtain on politicians’ inaction and offers some solutions for getting the federal government working for the people once again.


  • 2020 Election – an insider’s view of who we should be looking at 
  • Expert comment on the debates, primaries, caucuses, etc.
  • Impeachment: The unknown stories around past impeachment efforts
  • Bipartisanship is not a dirty word
  • A former Congressman tells us why and how Congress is failing to do its job
  • What’s working in Washington and what’s not
  • Why Congress can’t get anything done: Jim spent 8 years in The House of Representatives
  • It’s time for Senators and Representatives to re-prioritize
  • Businesspeople vs. Politicians – Disrupting the political elite
  • Solutions to get the Federal Government working for the people again
  • The best we’ve got won’t run for office – who are they and how can we get them on board?