Kay Hutchison is a content creator with extensive experience in radio, television and publishing. After gaining her BMus and MA in music at Glasgow University, she joined Decca Records in London and then BBC Radio as a Producer. Kay moved across to television with Channel 4 and went on to lead the launch teams for Disney TV and Channel Five. In the build-up to the 2012 London Olympics, she successfully led the legacy partnership that delivered a long-term future for the multi-million-pound Olympics Broadcast Centre. Kay founded her own company, Belle Media and launched Belle Kids in 2015, producing multi-platform, conservation-focused content for children.


Success isn’t everything and no one knows it better than media professional Kay Hutchison, author of My Life in Thirty Seven Therapies: From Yoga to Hypnosis and Why Voodoo is Never the Answer. Recently released with much acclaim in the UK (Red Door Press, 2019), Hutchison is bringing her poignant, relatable and often funny story to the US in audio format in March 2020, spoken in her distinctive and appealing Scottish voice.

Part memoir, part guide, My Life in Thirty Seven Therapies chronicles Kay’s quest for self-discovery. How she chose to deal with some very dark moments includes forays into homeopathy, astrology, silent retreats and reiki while also dabbling in past-life regression, sonic therapy, shamanic retreats and other alternative modalities. 


  • Mid-life crisis – tips from one who’s been there
  • May is Mental Health Awareness Month – mental health is being championed in a bigger way than ever – think Lady Gaga
  • How many therapies are too many? A humorous look from the baby boomer’s perspective
  • Mindfulness – very in vogue now and Kay’s experiences can speak to the seeking of and practice of
  • Self-care – also a popular topic that women of all ages are focusing on more and more


“A must read for anyone interested in relationship issues.”  –Dr. Colin M. Barron, M.B. Ch

“Highly recommend this wonderful read by Kay Hutchison – [the book] takes you through her amazing life journey and reveals how she discovers her genuine self. A must read for anyone, especially those interested in exploring therapies and their own life lessons.”  – Paloma Ivanova, Yoga Teacher and Guru, Bulgaria 

“I came across your article in Good Housekeeping and immediately bought your book yesterday and finished it this morning. Totally page-turning and beautifully written. I couldn’t put it down, please keep on writing.”  – Featured in Good Housekeeping magazine