10 Books to Add to Your TBR Stack for Women's History Month

March is widely regarded as Women’s Month, when people actively seek out stories and knowledge pertaining to women’s history, empowerment, and achievements. Did you know that Women’s History Month started out as Women’s History Week? The global need to spotlight more women than are typically accredited for their achievements led to this celebratory week extending to an entire month.

At PR by the Book, we’re happy to celebrate women-centric stories during the month of March and all year long. Check out this intriguing list of women-written titles that you’ll want to add to your “To Be Read” or TBR stack!

CLAIM YOUR SWAGGER by Jennifer Mrozek Sukalo

Jennifer Mrozek Sukalo is a transformational and well-being expert, performance coach, and the creator of SWAGGER U, a personal development approach to harnessing one’s untapped potential and becoming who they were born to be. In Claim Your SWAGGER, Sukalo helps readers discard self-limiting beliefs and enables them to move beyond surviving life so they may instead follow their passions and greater purpose.

Read more about Jennifer Mrozek Sukalo. Pre-order Claim Your Swagger via Barnes & Noble or Amazon.

SNAPSHOTS OF MY FATHER by Rachel Silber Devlin

Rachel Silber Devlin captures readers with an illustrated biography of John Silber, who entirely transformed Boston University as its president and was a controversial, yet intellectually formidable, candidate for governor of Massachusetts. In this book, Rachel Silber Devlin looks at her family and her father’s trajectory from Texas to Boston and what life became like there; she examines his personality and temperament; and she describes his later years, the hardships he weathered and his continued accomplishments out of the public eye.

Read more about Rachel Silber Devlin. Order Snapshots of My Father via Barnes & Noble or Amazon.

THE BLUE HOUSE by Myrna Denham Porter

The Blue House: An Elder’s Lifelong Search for Meaning and Purpose is a memoir of a woman who grew up at the edge of the Canadian Prairies. For Myrna “no woman is an island” and she attributes a “life worth living” to the mentors along the way, as well as her combined parents’ Christian values. This is an inspiring, heartbreaking and hopeful story.

Order The Blue House via Amazon.

SUNRISE: Life after Traumatic Brain Injury by Kristin Abello

In 2002, while on a training run in Houston, Texas, Kristin Abello was struck by a car, resulting in a traumatic brain injury that changed her life. The initial consensus was that she wasn’t going to survive, but a wave of support and prayers from her loved ones established the basis of her miraculous recovery. In Sunrise, she tells her story of faith, love, hope and healing from her TBI, and offers empathetic and sound advice for those going through a similar journey.

Read more about Kristin Abello. Order Sunrise and the Sunrise TBI Journal via Amazon.

GUIDE TO SMART WEDDING PLANNING by Jeri Solomon & Edna Dratch-Parker

With a combined 30+ years of experience and hundreds of weddings produced, the Real Deal Wedding Insiders® have seen it all. Accoladed wedding planner Edna Dratch-Parker and esteemed florist Jeri Solomon offer engaged couples practical and actionable steps to take control of wedding planning, make the best decisions, and keep their sanity along the way.

Read more about authors Edna Dratch-Parker and Jeri Solomon. Order Guide to Smart Wedding Planning via Barnes & Noble or Amazon.

ROOTED by Llewelyn Melnyk

Rooted: How I Stay Small-Town Strong When Life Gets Hard and How You Can Too is a blend of self-help and memoir to get you through the tough times and show you how to live with compassion and joy while caring for yourself first. Through humor, vivacious attitude, and a soundtrack to match, this guide acknowledges and dispels the myths around rural living and shows that mental injury is often rooted in the culture of these communities.

Read more about author Lewellyn Melnyk. Order Rooted via Amazon or lewellynmelnyk.com.

DEAR DANA by Amy Weinland Daughters

When Amy Weinland Daughters reconnects with an old friend, Dana, on Facebook and learns of her friend’s son’s terminal illness, she feels called to write letters with Dana as pen pals. The richness of the experience left Amy wondering: If my life could be so changed by someone I considered “just a Facebook friend,” what would happen if I wrote all my Facebook friends a letter? A staggering 580 handwritten letters later, Amy’s life would never be the same.

Read more about author Amy Weinland Daughters. Order Dear Dana via Barnes & Noble or Amazon.


Lynn Forney, a promising dancer and actress, had her fair share of mental health struggles. At 21, she remained hopeful as she endeavored in new creative projects and began her healing journey—until the unthinkable happened. Forney awoke with a stranger in bed with her, who stabbed her seven times, resulting in her losing an amount of blood that should have left her dead. After being unfairly treated by police, hospital staff, friends, and family, Forney found a way to survive, heal, and ultimately tell her story on her own terms, with the hope of helping others find healing as well.

Read more about author Lynn Forney. Order Choosing Survival on Amazon

OF WHITE ASHES by Constance Hays Matsumoto and Kent Matsumoto

Separated by the Pacific Ocean, two Japanese Americans navigate surviving their tumultuous childhoods after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. They face displacement, incarceration, and deadly secrets that put themselves and their families in danger. When destiny brings them together in California, their love for each other is heavily matched by their shared trauma. Inspired by the true events of the authors’ family, this story makes readers marvel at the resilience of humanity… and also the risk of history repeating itself.

Read more about author Constance Hays Matsumoto. Pre-order Of White Ashes via Barnes & Noble or Amazon.


In the Golden Age of Athens, when philosopher Sophocles roams parties and Athena’s spear rises like a beacon of democracy above the city, a general and a courtesan’s epic love story is reimagined in Yvonne Korshak’s debut historical fiction, Pericles and Aspasia. 

Read more about author Yvonne Korshak. Order Pericles and Aspasia via Barnes & Noble or Amazon.

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